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Kamehameha Max Power[1][2][3]
かめはめ最大マックス出力パワー Kamehameha Makkusu Pawā
Games Max Power Kamehameha (MAXパワーかめはめ波)[4]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 5, Chapter 51
Anime Debut DB027
Movie Debut Movie 17
Game Debut Dragon Ball: Dragon Daihikyou
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic Type
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Related technique(s)

The Kamehameha Max Power is the Kame Sennin's most powerful Ki Manipulation Technique.


The Kamehameha Max Power is a variation of the Kamehameha, created by the Kame Sennin and used during his transformed state. The power increase of this technique is considerable, as the Kame Sennin has to utilize his transformed muscles to withstand the force of his own technique. With the Kamehameha Max Power, one can destroy the moon.[2] The technique was used early in the series where it showcased the potential of destroying the enormous Mount Frypan, along with Gyūmaō's castle.


  • Despite having used it well before his entering the Tenkaichi Budōkai, the Kame Sennin himself is not listed as a user of the Kamehameha Max Power in the Daizenshū. Instead, his alter ego, Jackie Chun, is listed.


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