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Karin Tower
Karin Tower
Kanji カリン塔
Rōmaji Karin Tō
English TV Korin's Tower
Universe 7th Universe Symbol [[7th Universe]]
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Planet Earth
Area West Section
Societal information
Owner Karin

Karin Tower is the tower located on the planet Earth, in the Sacred Land of Karin. At the top of this tower lives the martial arts master Karin — and later, his companion Yajirobe. This tower is also the resting place for the Senzu and the Super God Water, both of which can be provided by Karin under proper conditions.


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  • Karin Tower bears a striking resemblance to Cloud City from the Star Wars franchise, of which Akira Toriyama is an avid fan.
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