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Ki Barrier
Ki Barrier[1][2]
のバリヤー Ki no Bariyā
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie 11
Type Ability
Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Supplementary
Range User
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)

The Ki Barrier is a Ki Manipulation ability unique to Broly.


This barrier is a special defensive technique that is unique to Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. He first used it as a child, saving his father Paragus and allowing them to survive in space, where Saiyans cannot normally survive. The barrier is very sturdy, capable of surviving the destruction of a planet.[1][2]

In Other Media

Video Games

Kefla Barrier

Kefla's Ki Barrier.

In the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 6 opening, Kefla displays this ability while fending off Oren and Kamin.


  • Despite being described as "special" in the Daizenshū, it is unknown what makes this technique and the standard Barrier any different.


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