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They're barely giving off any energy...and the other humans' energy is disrupting me.

—Gokū Black using the technique, God who Possesses the Immortal Body — Zamasu's Descent

Ki Search Technique
気の探索の技術 Ki no Tansaku no Gijutsu
Literal English Art to Search for Ki
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #13, Chapter #153
Anime Debut DB116
Movie Debut Movie #5
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Variable range
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)
Non-canon Users

The Ki Search Technique is an ability to search for an organism's life-force through their own mind, feel for the ki and life force of another target.[1]


The ability itself is a valuable skill, as it allows for a user to detect the presence and battle power of others without the use of devices such as Scouters. Despite being seemingly rare throughout the universe — as many members of Freeza's Army use Scouters, and the Dragon Team had to learn how to sense ki later throughout the series — it is by no means a difficult skill to learn. Fighters such as Vegeta, Gokū Black,[2] and the evil Majin Boo learned how to sense ki during their time on Earth with relative ease but with no explanation. As a child, Son Gokū possessed a rudimentary level of skill with this ability[3] far before he unlocked the full use of his ki.

Despite its uses, and being generally more reliable than a device that can also read ki, the ability to sense ki is not infallible. Small ki are relatively difficult to find through ki sensing,[4] and too many ki signals can mask the one the user is trying to find.[5] However, small ki can be found more successfully when the person in question is in battle.[6] Furthermore, inorganic individuals such as Androids have no ki which can be felt, giving them near perfect stealth. As the Dragon Team has become so reliant on feeling for ki, using their eyes to find enemies is a skill they have more or less lost.[7]

In Other Media

In Video Games

In Dragon Ball Legends, the Ki Search Technique is given a description: Son Gohan states that to use the technique, one must focus and then sweep their surroundings as if they can see with the entirety of their body.


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