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Ki Transfer[1][2]
じょう Ki no Jōto
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #20, Chapter #237
Movie Debut Movie 11
Game Debut Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Type Ability
Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Supplementary
Range User

Ki Transfer is an ability where the user transfers their ki to another target.


Super Saiyan Goku

Gokū with the ki of four Saiyans pooled into him.

Ki Transfer is a supplementary skill where the user transfers their ki towards another target. The technique can be used through tactile contact,[3] or from a distance,[4] but the end result is still the same.

Ki transferring can also have unique effects depending on the situation, as five righteous Saiyans transferring their ki to a sixth righteous Saiyan results in the creation of a Super Saiyan God: generating God Ki.[5]

It can also be used to heal fatal injuries as Freeza was cut in half and on the verge of dying and was quickly healed after Gokū transferred his ki to him.

In Other Media

In Movies

In the movie, Dragon Ball Z: The Incredible Strongest versus Strongest, Super Saiyan Gokū transfers his ki to a wounded bird, healing the animal and allowing it to fly away from his battle with Koora.[6]

In the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Burn Up!! A Red-Hot, Raging, Super-Fierce Fight, Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and Vegeta are all seen using this technique from a distance to transfer their ki to Gokū. The usage in the movie marks a departure from the technique's appearance in the manga and anime, where the ki transfer is short and swift, rather than slow.[7]


  • Despite Son Gokū using this technique twice within the manga, the Daizenshū lists the technique as an anime-only technique, citing only the eleventh Dragon Ball feature film.


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