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Lavenda Infobox
ラベンダ Rabenda
Epithet Lavenda the Poison (毒のラベンダ, Doku no Rabenda; English TV "Lavender the Poison")[1]
English Localized Name(s) US Lavender
Personal Data
Universe 9th Universe Symbol 9th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Christopher Guerrero
Japanese Takeshi Kusao
Professional Status
Team(s) Trio de Dangers
9th Universe
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 33 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS079
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Lavenda (ラベンダ, Rabenda; English TV "Lavender") is part of the Trio de Dangers from the 9th Universe.


Lavenda Render

Lavenda's full appearance.

Lavenda was an antromorphic brown-furred canine-based organism that exist in the 11th Universe, whose physiological structure resembles that of a coyote. Opposed to his siblings, Lavenda is the shortest of the fray. Lavenda is distinguish through having an extremely, abnormal forward curvature on the upper back area, and elongated arms akin, to that of human arms. Additionally, the body of Lavenda is physically fit enough to where his muscles bulge from his fur. Lavenda has a white-colored muzzle that spans from the middle of the face, to the upper chest. Lavenda's apparel consists of; green denim jeans with suspenders latched onto them.


Lavenda is one of the 9th Universe's strongest warriors, as illustrated in his ability to overwhelm some of the strongest warriors throughout the universes, such as; the 7th Universe's Son Gohan. His power was capable enough, to be selected in two representative teams that represent the strongest of Lavenda's respective universe by its gods to partake in the Zen Exhibition Match and the Tournament of Power. The energy of Lavenda cannot be detected through ordinary methods, as his energy was noted to be undetectable. Additionally the warrior possesses the capability to fully utilize poison from the body.


Lavenda Using Poison

Lavenda using Poison.

Lavenda through some unexplained method is able to suffuse, and release poison from his mouth in form of a miasma to surround Lavenda's hands to increase their damaging power. The enhancement of adding poisons to his strikes, to form techniques such as the Poison Blow in order to continue to spread the poison, whilst physically damaging them simultaneously.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Lavenda and his brothers were selected to participate in the Tournament of Power. After arriving at Zen'ō's Palace with Rо̄ and Sidra, the brothers meet their upcoming competition from the 7th Universe. Upon arriving at the fighting ring, Lavenda watches Basil's fight against Majin Boo, and afterwards faces Son Gohan.[2] Despite managing to blind Gohan with poison during their fight, Lavenda is eventually defeated by the Saiyan, but in the process the poison cripples Gohan to the point he collapses, resulting in their match being a tie.[3]


  • Lavenda's name is a pun on lavender (ラベンダー, rabendā), a culinary herb.


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