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List of Dragon Ball official manga spin-offs.

Original Illustrated Stories

Main article: Original Illustrated Stories Original Illustrated Story (オリジナル イラスト ストーリー, originaru irasuto sutōrī) is the title given to Dragon Ball three short side-stories, written and illustrated by various members of the anime production staff.


Main articles: Cross Epoch and This is the Police Station in Front of Dragon Park on Planet Namek

Neko Majin

Main article: Neko Majin After completing Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama sporadically released chapters of new series over the next few years in between his other projects. Neko Majin later increasingly became a Dragon Ball self-parody and spin-off as it went on.

Movie Adaptations

Main articles: Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, Dragon Ball Z: God and God, and Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F"

Dragon Ball SD

Main article: Dragon Ball SD

Episode of Bardock

Main article: Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (manga) A three-part spin-off manga, entitled Episode of Bardock, began releasing on 2011 August V-Jump issues to help explained the back story of Bardock’s new Super Saiyan transformation, which appearing in the Dragon Ball Heroes card-based arcade game. It was set as a new "sequel" story to the original TV special Dragon Ball Z: A Lonesome, Final Battle - The Father of Z Warrior Son Goku, who Challenged Freeza.[1]

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission


  1. New Bardock Material Coming Via Saikyō Jump & Dragon Ball Heroes
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