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Universe 7 anime
Living World[1]
Kanji この
Rōmaji Konoyo
Universe Twelve Universes
Ruler Kaiō
Leader Grand Kaiō

The Living World (この, Konoyo; Literally meaning "Present World") is a term that combines both the endless space wrapped around the vast observable universe and the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm exists in the reverse of the universe. Both of which are an expansive space that is wrapped around every celestial body that exists in the Living World.[1]


The vast universe that contains the divided galaxies of the Universe, Each of which are divided into four cardinal directions that are each monitored by the Kaiō. The mortals of this plane are able to travel through the vast universe, but cannot freely travel the Afterworld, unless they die which they are turned into souls upon death. However there is some who are given permission to travel by the Gods of the Otherworld. Within the universe, there are "nebulae" composed of innumerable stars, and there are "galaxies" composed of innumerable nebulae.[1]

North Galaxies[]

Main article: North Galaxies The Northern area of the Universe that is supervised as an administrative unit by the Kaiō of the North. The Northern quadrant contains the Milky Way the main setting of the series. The northern galaxies are said to have some of the most beautiful planets.[1]

South Galaxies[]

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East Galaxies[]

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West Galaxies[]

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Main article: EarthEarth is a planet located on the Milky Way within the North Galaxies. Compared to other planets that have an indivudual race as its only inhabitants, Earth is home to a very large variety of races such as Nameccians, Saiyans, Humans, animal and monster-type earthlings.


Main article: Vegeta (planet)Formely called Planet Plant, Vegeta was the second planet inhabited by the Saiyan race. The planet was eventually obliterated by Freeza in an attempt to eliminate the Saiyan species.

Devil World[]

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In Other Universes[]

Each of the Gods of the universe who received the lowest Mortal Level constructed a team of their universe's strongest warriors to participate in the Tournament of Power. Each of which scoured through their respective Living Worlds to find a team of ten fighters.

Second Universe[]

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