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Maji Kayo
Maji Kāyo[1]
Personal Data
Universe 3rd Universe Symbol 3rd Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Meli Grant
Professional Status
Team(s) 3rd Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
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Maji Kāyo (マジ=カーヨ) is a warrior from the 3rd Universe.



Body Structure Manipulation

Maji manipulating his body structure.

Maji is a powerful warrior from the 3rd universe, who was deemed to be powerful enough to be considered as a candidate to become a representative warrior of his respective universe. Maji has shown to be extremely bothersome of a foe, enough to contain and wrangle warriors such as the likes of the 7th Universe's strongest warriors, in Son Gokū whilst fighting against Maji in his Super Saiyan state, a legendary hallmark of the Saiyan race. Furthermore in battle he was able to temporally subdue Dispo.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc


  • Seemingly Maji Kāyo is a pun from the japanese spelling of Majikayo (まじかよ), which means "I cannot believe it".


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