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Trunks' Masenko
Literal English Devil Flash
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #19, Chapter #223
Anime Debut DB124
Movie Debut Movie 6
OVA Debut OVA1
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S.
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Related technique(s)

The Masenkō is a Ki Manipulation Technique, and one of the signature moves of both Piccolo and Son Gohan.



A young Piccolo uses the Masenkō for the first time in the anime.

In the anime, the technique was invented by a young Piccolo Junior in a moment of crisis. After staring at a family through their window, the young Nameccian grows upset, and breaks in, destroying the birthday party that was being hosted for a young child. When the father witnesses this, and sees the young Piccolo fleeing his house, he sets his dog on him. Piccolo, fleeing, trips and falls backwards. In an act of desperation, he raises his hands to defend himself from the dog, and releases a blast of ki, forcing the creature away from him. This was how Piccolo discovered his powers.[4]


To use the Masenkō, the user first places their hands over another, or side by side, and charges a sphere of ki in their palms. Bringing their hands down in front of them, the sphere is released as a bundle of energy in the form of a beam. The technique is, in essence, the same as the Kamehameha; only the method in which the ki is gathered is any different. This technique was taught to Gohan by Piccolo, in the hopes of making him a fully grown warrior.[1][5]


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