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Materialization Sorcery
Materialization Sorcery[1][2]
ぶっしつしゅつげんじゅつ Busshitsu Shutsugen Majutsu
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #9, Chapter #104
Anime Debut DB073
Type Unique Technique
Sub-Type Sorcery
Class Supplementary
Related technique(s)

Materialization Sorcery is the magical ability to create objects.


Materialization Sorcery is a magical ability used by multiple characters. By focusing their minds and thinking hard, the user is able to generate an object out of thin air. While many characters can use this technique, the form that Piccolo and the Kaiō use could be consider less of a magical art, and more of a unique ability they possess.[1]


  • While not listed as a user of the technique in the Daizenshū, both Shin and Kibito have used this technique on occasion in the series.


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