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Medical Machine[1][2]
Kanji メディカルマシーン
Rōmaji Medikaru Machīn
Manga Debut Volume 21, Chapter 246
Affiliation Freeza Army Symbol Freeza's Army
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The Medical Machines are the devices used by Freeza's Army to treat the injured.


They're installed in places like the medical room of planet Freeza No. 79, inside Freeza's spaceship. They were used to heal Vegeta and Gokū on planet Namekku. It could almost completely heal any injury in a short period of time. The patient was put inside a capsule-shaped machine, then treatment liquid is pumped in and the patient is sent oxygen through a mask. Meanwhile, the suction pads attached to the head and body function by sending out a special electric wave that heals the injured body.

They had two types: old models and new models, but they differ only in recovery time, and have the same overall effectiveness. For example, they are capable of even fully regenerating a blinded eye, but it seems they are unable to regenerate scars that have already healed, or boney appendages such as a Saiyan's tail. However, while they can fully recover stamina lost through fatigue, they don't heal a lack of sleep.[1][2][3]


  • In the FUNimation dub, Vegeta described the liquid inside the machine as "synthetic Saiyan DNA," that entered the body through their pores to heal them.


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