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Kanji メタルマン
Rōmaji Metaruman
Additional Information
Universe 6th Universe 6th Universe
7th Universe 7th Universe
Galaxy Galactic System 66950
Unique Traits Robot-like appearance
Notable Members

Metalmen are an extraterrestrial race which Magetta hails from. The race is found in both the 6th and 7th Universes.[1]



The Metalmen, while outwardly strong, as a race who is inwardly fragile. Autta Magetta showed a distinct inability to handle insults, which caused his fighting performance to suffer. According to Whis, this is common in all Metalmen.[2][3]

Appetite and Diet[]

Metalmen require lava as a source of fuel, and have a magma pit within their bodies that keep them fueled. Unlike most known species, which consume either solid food, water, or both, the Metalmen consume lava instead to keep themselves sustained.[2]


The only known Metalman is Autta Magetta, though there are others of his species in both the 6th and 7th Universes. Using Magetta as a base, Metalmen are tall individuals, composed entirely of metal. Their top halves are out of proportion in comparison to their lower, with a bulging torso to fit their magma chamber, and similarly large arms. They have bulbous eyes, and atop their head rests a smokestack. Their lower body have legs nearly as large as their arms, ending in flat feet.


The Metalmen are known for being immensely sturdy individuals — weighing over 1,000 tons[4] — that even Vegeta, who was a Saiyan Beyond God transformed into a Super Saiyan, had trouble handling in a fight. They are immensely durable, with multiple attacks from Vegeta unable to even scratch Magetta, and their physical blows cause immense pain, due to the weight behind them and the fact that the body is constructed entirely of metal.[2][5]

Magma and Lava Manipulation[]

Their main ability seems to be the manipulation of the magma within their bodies, firing it out from their bodies as powerful strikes of lava. While consuming lava keeps Metalmen moving, they can utilize the magma within their chamber as a form of attack. Autta Magetta's lava can deflect Vegeta's own Continuous Kikōha.[2]

However, another unique ability is the control of temperature; by manipulating the magma within his body, a Metalman can drastically raise the temperature around them, which is a uniquely dangerous abilit when used in closed spaces.[2]


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