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Dragon Ball: The Sleeping Princess in the Devil's Castle
Kanji ドラゴンボール 魔神城のねむり姫
Rōmaji Doragon Bōru: Majin-Jō No Nemuri Hime
FUNimation Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
Movie Info
Previous Movie 1
Next Movie 3
Japanese July 18, 1987
English January 18, 2000
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
None in this movie
Tool debut(s)
  • Devil Castle Cannon

Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in the Devil's Castle (ドラゴンボール 魔神城のねむり姫, Doragon Bōru: Majin-Jō No Nemuri Hime) is the second overall Dragon Ball film. It was originally released in Japan on July 18, 1987 at the "Toei Manga Matsuri" film festival.


Twelve-year-old Gokū seeks out Kame-Sennin to ask to be accepted as a student, while the little monk, Kuririn, arrives for the same reason (and uses a porno magazine as a bribe). Rōshi sends them on a quest far to the west, where "five mountains stand, called the 'Devil's Hand'." Inside a castle, there lies the legendary, and beautiful, "Sleeping Princess." Whoever brings back the Sleeping Princess will become Muten Rōshi's student. The two boys set out, and Kuririn uses all the standard tricks to trip Gokū up.

A little later, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Pu'ar—who are on summer vacation—arrive at Kame House to find Gokū. Rōshi says that the two boys have gone far to the west for training, so the friends fly in Bulma's Capsule jet to the Devil's Hand. When they near the castle, the jet is attacked by demons, and Bulma is taken to the Castle. The owner of the castle, Lucifer, pretends to treat her as a guest, until it becomes time to awaken the Sleeping Princess. In the meantime, Gokū and Kuririn fight monsters, and they drop in on Bulma just before the Butler can drain Bulma of her blood through a giant syringe (Bulma's blood is to be used to toast the awakening of the Sleeping Princess). Then, Lunch (in her evil, blonde state) arrives to steal the Sleeping Princess—which is really a giant jewel. Everyone is captured and encased in a wall of rock.

It is the night of a full Moon, and the moonlight is used to power the jewel. The moonlight also turns Gokū into a Great Monkey Transformation, and everyone escapes (with enough time to cut off Gokū's tail, reversing the transformation). They fight Lucifer, and Gokū uses the Kamehameha blast to destroy Lucifer's Princess-powered laser cannon (the full-moonlight is to be used to destroy the sun, and begin the Reign of Darkness), and kills Lucifer. The heroes escape, and Kuririn acts contrite, but doesn't actually apologize to Gokū for his behavior. The two boys return to Kame House with Lunch, and Rōshi takes them both on as students.


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Original Score[]

Like the first movie, the opening theme for the movie was Makafushigi Adventure! (魔訶不思議アドベンチャー!, Makafushigi Adobenchā; "Mystical Adventure!") by Hironobu Kageyama, while the ending was Romantic Ageru yo (ロマンティックあげるよ, Romantikku Ageru yo; "I'll Give You Romance") by Ushio Hashimoto.

FUNimation Soundtrack[]


The film holds a 7.2 on IMDb, based on 849 votes.[1] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 94% based on 131 votes, with an average rating of 3.4/5.[2] The film was an immense success, generating a total of ¥850 million at the box office.


  • This movie takes place in an alternate timeline of Dragon Ball original series.[3] at the start of Gokū and Krillin's training under Muten Rōshi.



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