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Mystic Ball Attack
ミスティックボールアタック Misutikku Bōru Atakku
Games Ill Ball AttacK
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter #41, Chapter #494
Anime Debut DBZ261
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2
Type Physical Martial Arts Technique
Sub-Type Detatchment type
Class Offensive
Range Short to Long range

The Mystic Ball Attack technique is a physical technique used by the evil and pure incarnations of Majin Boo.


Utilizing the inhuman flexibility of their bodies, a Majin contorts themselves into a spherical shape. Propelling themselves through the air with flight, the curled Majin moves around in a manner akin to a very large and violent pinball, ramming into their target. The technique is very easy to maneuver, and should the Majin miss the first strike, they simply rebound and try again, making multiple attempts until to ram the target until they are either stopped or they manage to hit the opponent. Due to the haphazard way in which the user is propelled, the technique itself is very dangerous, as the Ill Ball allows striking from any angle. When used by the evil Majin Boo, it utterly destroyed the Castle.[1]


  • While not appearing as a technique proper, in Dragon Ball XenoVerse, the Ill Ball makes an appearance as part of a physical combo used by both the pure Majin Boo, and the female Majin Future Warrior.


  1. Dragon Ball chapter 494 pp. 6-7
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