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3rd Universe Fighter
ナリラーマ Narirāma
Personal Data
Universe 3rd Universe Symbol 3rd Universe
Race Reconstructed Warrior
Voice Actors
English Daman Mills
Japanese Takeshi Kusao
Professional Status
Team(s) 3rd Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS092
Image Gallery

Narirama (ナリラーマ, Narirāma) is a Reconstructed Warrior from the 3rd Universe that was selected to compete in the Tournament of Power as a representative of the strongest warriors of his respective universe.


Narirama has shown no personality given that he is a robotic being. It is questionable on whether he has autonomy or not, given that Narirama responds to Nigrissi's commands.


Narirama full render

Narirama's full appearance.


Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Narirama was upgraded prior to the Tournament of Power along with the rest of his team, where the Universe 3 leader Nigrissi spoke highly of his capabilities.

During the Tournament, Narirama its spinning technique to knock away Ribrianna, Sanka Ku, Rozie, Cabba, Dyspo, Shosa, Methiop, and Murichim before his arms were destroyed by Hit and Basil. Narirama later engaged Hit in a losing battle, with his limbs dismembered and even his secret attack proved futile as the assassin used his Time Skip to knock him out of bounds before the laser blast could fully charge.


  • Narirama's name could be an anagram of "marinara" (マリナーラ, marināra) from the Italian marinara sauce.
  • While Anilaza is the ultimate trump card for team Universe 3, Narirama was regarded on a similar note as the gods place a high confidence in his abilities.


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