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There was a time...before I was turned into an android...when I was a mother and had a son. He later become the model for No. 16...and all that it would achieve. When I realized that...I wanted so badly to see him, and have him by my side..after that, I repaired him and explained that I wanted to treat him like family. And so...that is why I need to be stronger...so we may live in peace, as a family!

—No. 21, Dragon Ball FighterZ

No. 21[1]
人造人間21号 Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Race Android
Birthplace Earth
Residence Earth
Age Less than 10 years(as an Android)[2]
Gender Female Icon Female
Voice Actors
English Jeannie Tirado
Japanese Houko Kuwashima
Professional Status
Partner(s) No. 16
Counterpart(s) No. 21 (Evil)
First Appearance
Game Debut Dragon Ball FighterZ
Image Gallery

Android No. 21 (人造人間21号, Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō; Literally meaning "Artificial Human No. 21") is an intelligent scientist and an Android for the Red Ribbon Army. She is the main villainess of Dragon Ball FighterZ.


No. 21 exudes the aura of a soft-spoken, and shy woman.[3] Despite this, once she reveals her malicious nature, her demeanor changes entirely. Furthermore, much like Gokū Black, she has a habit of making food comparisons.[4]


Android 21

No.21's full appearance.

No. 21 is an attractive woman with a pale, milky, complexion that has long, wild and wavy chestnut colored that reaches her lower back. She has three bangs, two of which frame her face, and the other which hangs in the center. No. 21's eyes are blue, and sternly narrow; for accessories, she wears two hoops earrings and two auricle piercing on both of her ears. She also sports a pair of glasses.

She has black shaded nails, and has a golden ring on her left ring finger. Although she appears mostly with a white lab coat with the insignia of the Red Ribbon Army, underneath she wears a red and blue checked mini skirt dress piece, with detached black sleeves. Her legwear consists of black stockings, and she dons heeled boots with an identical color scheme to her clothes, with an additional yellow on the toe cap.


No. 21 has capability to absorb abilities through absorbing energy from other targets.

Ki Manipulation[]


True Form[]

Plot Overview[]

Dragon Ball FighterZ[]

Main article: Dragon Ball FighterZ No. 21 is a scientist for the thought to be defunct Red Ribbon Army with close connections to No. 16.[5]

Super Warrior Arc[]

Enemy Warrior Arc[]

Android 21 Arc[]

Video Games[]

No. 21 made her official debut in Dragon Ball FighterZ. No. 21 is playable in the following video games:

Creation and Conception[]

Toriyama's No

Toyotarō's draft of No.21.

Akira Toriyama came up with the design for No. 21 based on a framework predesigned by Namco Bandai, such as her gender and personality.[6] No. 21 was designed by Toriyama, Bandai, and Arc System Works to correct the imbalance of male to female fighters — a female villain who can compete with someone like Gokū.[7]


  • No. 21 was designed by Akira Toriyama, at the request of the company Bandai Namco specifically for the Dragon Ball FighterZ videogame.[8]
  • Her red and blue outfits represents her dual personality.


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