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North Kaiō[1][2]
きたかいおうさま Kita no Kaiō
Alternative Name(s) Kaiō (かいおうさま; FUNimation "King Kai", Viz "Lord of the Worlds"; Literally meaning "World King")[3]
English Localized Name(s) FUNi North Kai
VIZ Lord of the Northern Worlds
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Race Shinling
Birthplace World Tree
Age c. 100 Million[4]
Status Deceased
Gender Genderless
Voice Actors
English FUNi Sean Schemmel
Japanese Jōji Yanami
Naoki Tatsuta(DBS012 onwards)
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Kaiō Symbol Kaiō
Partner(s) Bubbles
Headquarters North Kaiō's Planet, Afterworld
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 18, Chapter 210
Anime Debut DBK006
Movie Debut Movie 18
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The North Kaiō (きたかいおう, Kita no Kaiō; FUNimation "North Kai", Viz "Lord of the Northern Worlds"; Literally meaning "North's Boundary King"), simply referred as the Kaiō (かいおう; FUNimation "King Kai", Viz "Lord of the Worlds"; Literally meaning "Boundary King"), is a deity, the ruler of the 7th Universe's North Galaxies, and Son Gokū's martial arts teacher, and later his mentor. He was the one who awakened Gokū's dormant abilities as a late bloomer among the Saiyans.


At some point in the past, he and the Hakaishin Beerus played a game of racecar, which Beerus lost. The Hakaishin was angry from the lost and destroyed most of North Kaiō's planet, resulting in the planet appearing so small.[5]

At another point in the past, North Kaiō created the Genki Dama and the Kaiōken, while he never mastered the latter. He also trained Enma, the first person before Son Gokū to make it across Serpent Road.[6]


The Kaiō of the North is a man of humor and simple pleasures, seeing himself as much of a master of puns as he is a martial arts master. His eccentricities flow into his training methods, as one of them involved Gokū catching a monkey to adjust to his planet's gravity. Despite this, and his easygoing nature, the Kaiō of the North is very much an intelligent man, being responsible for the creation of techniques like the Kaiōken and the Genki Dama, both of which are techniques that require precise control to utilize fully.

While he is a god, the Kaiō of the North has been shown to have limited patience with the likes of Gokū, and holds a grudge against the latter for resulting in his death. Furthermore, he dislikes the Saiyan's near-constant presence on his planet, and utilization of it for training and far more infrequent bomb disposals.



As a master of martial arts, North Kaiō possessed many abilities, being the creator of the Genki Dama and the Kaiōken. He also trained many martial arts masters himself, such as Enma and Son Gokū. North Kaiō surpasses both Raditz and Enma in strength, the latter being strong than the former.[7] Despite his accomplishments, he claimed that Vegeta and Nappa, two elite Saiyans, surpassed him in strength. He also possesses the ability to heal wounds completely, having healed Gokū after the latter's fight with Beerus.[8] He is also claimed to possess the means to restore his diminutive planet to its proper size, but chooses not to for some reason.[9]

While he is not often shown fighting, during a brief glimpse of his training Gokū, North Kaiō is shown to utilize powerful palm strikes.[citation needed]

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Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Gokū and His Friends Return!!

Jump Victory Carnival

In order to restore his planet, North Kaiō invited Muri to summon Polunga the end of the Serpent Road. While Kaiō hesitated whether items like a dedicated racing area and the ten-times normal gravity would restore as well or not, Gokū suddenly appeared behind Kaiō, exclaimed that would be no good for his training and then wished the planet should be exactly the same as before, have the Kaiō gasp in horror. Gokū then bid them farewell before Kaiō dropped to knees, not hiding his disappointment.[10][11]

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