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オブニ Obuni
Personal Data
Universe 10th Universe Symbol 10th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Randy Pearlman
Japanese Atsuki Tani
Professional Status
Team(s) 10th Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
  • Unnamed Wife
  • Unnamed Child
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Obuni (オブニ, Obuni) is a warrior from the 10th Universe, and a member of the 10th Universe team.


Hours before the Tournament of power, Obuni was scouted out by the Hakaishin, Rumoosh and his guide Kusu, who was selected based on their physique.[1]


Obni was very respectful to the other fighters and wished to face off against strong opponents. He's also shown to care a lot about his family, as he carried a locket with a picture of the both of them during the Tournament.


Obuni Render

Obuni's full appearance

Part IV

Universal Survival Arc


  • Obni's name is potentially a pun deriving from the element, Niobium (ニオビウム, Niobiumu).


  1. Dragon Ball Super episode 90


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