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Oguma mugshot
オグマ Oguma
Personal Data
Universe 5th Universe Symbol 5th Universe
Race Shinling
Voice Actors
English Leah Clark
Japanese Megumi Urawa
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Kaiōshin Symbol Kaiōshin
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS078
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Ogma (オグマ, Oguma) is the Kaiōshin of the 5th Universe, who alongside the Hakaishin Arak upkeeps the order in their respective universe.


Oguma Render

Ogma's full appearance.


Ogma is a gentle god, who emphasises the balance between intelligence and power.[1]


Like other Kaiōshin, Ogma has the ability to use Kai-Kai to transport them-self and others across the Universe.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Arc

Alongside Arak and his attendant, Ogma attends the Zen Exhibition Match, where they watch the 7th and 9th Universe contestants fight each other.[2] After the tournament concludes, Ogma transports Arak and his attendant back to their universe.[3]

In Other Timelines

Trunks' Timeline

In Zamasu's quest for justice, he took advantage of all Hakaishin's life-force being intertwined with their universes Kaiōshin, and killed Ogma to subsequently eliminate Arak.


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