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Fiere Attak Hakai
Omni-Directional Bullets
全方位気弾 Zen Hōi Ki-dan
Literal English All Directions Ki Bullet
Games The Hakaishin's Reverse (破壊神の逆燐, Hakaishin no Gekirin; Literally meaning "Destruction God's Reverse")
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie #18
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Continuous-type
Class Offensive
Range Mid range
Parent Kikōha
Related technique(s)

The Omni-Directional Bullets is a Continuous-type Ki Manipulation Technique used by Beerus.


The Omni-Directional Bullets is a technique that allows a user to release a serial release of Kikōha from the body of the user. The bullets each of which are recklessly release throughout the surrounding allow the user to gain a range advantage over their targets, Gokū was barely able to dodge this, and showed difficultly avoiding such a flurry of kikōha.[1]



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