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Oolong's House-Wagon[1][2]
Kanji ウーロンのハウスワゴン
Rōmaji Ūron no Hausu Wagon
Manga Debut Chapter 9
Anime Debut DB006
Movie Debut Movie 17

Oolong's House-Wagon is a motorhome formerly owned by Oolong, and was contained in one of his Hoi Poi Capsules.


The house-wagon is a special capsule that Oolong owned. Considered quite a worthwhile steal by the bandit, Yamcha, the House-Wagon is a large model camping car. In appearance, it resembles a double-decker bus, colored yellow (blue in the anime). It's an exceptionally luxurious model equipped with a bath, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Despite its utility, the model was destroyed by Yamcha's panzerfaust.[3]

In the movie, Dragon Ball: The Path to Ultimate Strength, the house-wagon becomes the Dragon Team's primary method of transportation.


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