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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article is Toriyama Canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Z anime series. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Kai anime series. The subject of this article appeared in the video games.
I can't...believe it...! He blew a hole through the dimensional barrier...with his ki...!! He's going to escape!!

—Piccolo in "The Alternate Dimension is Sealed Off"

Spacetime tearing
Opening a Hole in the Dimension[1]
げんあなける Jigen Ni Ana wo Akeru
Games Vice Shout
Evil Buster[2]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #41, Chapter #492
Anime Debut DBZ260
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Supplementary
Range Long range
Related technique(s)

This ability allows the user, if their combat strength is high enough, to utilize vocal vibrations and ki in order to rip a hole between one dimension and another. Majin Boo first used this technique to escape from the Room of Spirit and Time, only to be followed by Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, who had a similar combat strength.[3] In the anime, when Majin Boo performed this technique, there was a noticeable ki build-up;[4] however, in the manga, he screamed without warning.


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