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Panties Super
Kanji パンツ
Rōmaji Pantsu
Other VIZ Undies
Universe 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Earth

Panties (パンツ, Pantsu; Viz "Undies") are an undergarment that women from Earth wear. In the early Dragon Ball series, they played a significant role in both comic relief and fanservice within the series, which would die down in the later half of the manga.


Panties are undergarments worn by Earth women, similar to boxers or briefs worn by men. Due to this, they are valued by perverted men such as Kame-Sennin, who once exchanged a Dragon Ball to Bulma and her friends for a look at her panties;[1] unbeknownst to Bulma, she wasn't wearing any, as Gokū had innocently removed them.

Oolong would later wish for a "gal's panties", to prevent Pilaf from taking over the Earth using Shenron's wish. The wish was granted, and Oolong would go to wear them on his head.[2][3]

In Other Media

Video Games

In Dragon Ball: The Mystery of Shenron, panties are an item that Son Gokū can pick up to make him run faster. In the localization, Dragon Power, however, they are replaced with sandwiches.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, an item called "Girl's Underwear" slightly increases Special.

In Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale, the player can summon Shenron and wish for panties.


  • The omnibus collections of the Dragon Ball manga would later call panties "undies".


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