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Paralysis Technique[1][2][3]
かなしばりのじゅつ Kanashibari no Jutsu
Games Kaiōshin's Freeze Attack (界王神のフリーズアタック)[4]
Other Paralysis (金縛り, Kanashibari)[5]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 7, Chapter 77
Anime Debut DB052
Type Special

Paralysis Technique is a technique to restrain the opponent.


The Paralysis Technique is, as the name implies, a technique meant to inflict paralysis on the target. The technique has multiple methods of activation, from staring at the eyes to utilizing it through the hands, and even physically pressing a pressure point. The method of activation also determines how the technique functions; commonly, this technique is executed through psychic power, however, Jackie Chun utilized it by paralyzing the motor nerves. This can also be used on multiple people, as seen when used by Gurd.[1][2]


  • In the video games, Freeza is commonly seen employing this ability. Other characters, such as Majin Boo and Piccolo display similar abilities to paralyze their targets in the video games.
  • In the anime, this technique's depiction has changed multiple times. When used by Gurd in Dragon Ball Z to paralyze Gohan and Kuririn, they were wrapped in orange light, and when used by Chaozu and Freeza in Dragon Ball Super, it appeared as a yellow sphere or red sphere, making it resemble the Capturing Light Shell. These are just two of multiple appearances across two series.
  • The future Zamasu equates this, and his Psychokinesis, to his status as a god. This in spite of many mortals using the technique before his debut in the series.


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