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Parent and Child Triple Kamehameha
Parent and Child Triple Kamehameha[1]
親子三大かめはめ破 Oyako Sandai Kamehameha
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie #13
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Parent Siblings Kamehameha
Related technique(s)
  • Son Gohan (with Son Goten and the spirit of Son Gokū)
  • Son Gokū (with Son Gohan and Son Goten)
  • Son Goten (with Son Gohan and the spirit of Son Gokū)

The Parent and Child Triple Kamehameha is a combining variation of the Super Kamehameha used by the Son family.


During their final battle against Broli they use this technique to counteract the power of Broly's trump card. Gohan and Son Goten fire their respective Kamehameha in their Super Saiyan state. In their struggle to defeat Broly, Goten wishes that their father was present, though never using the power of the Dragon Balls, they channel their father's spirit to fight presently with them. Son Gokū in a spiritual state also transforms and releases his Super Kamehameha to amplify the power of the Kikōha.[2][3]


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