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"People of the Cosmos" (てんかいひとびと, Tenkai no Hitobito) is a term used to describe those races that originate in the Afterlife.[1]

Known People of the Cosmos


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Great King Enma, an oni.

The oni (鬼) are a race unique to the Afterlife. All are humanoid in appearance: most have blue skin and yet others, such as Enma, having red skin. They also posses a varying number of horns atop their heads. They act as the stewards of the dead, leading them to their places in the Afterlife, guarding Hell, and, in Enma's case, even judging the dead upon the expiration of their mortal lives.


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Each of the four Kaiō of the Seventh Universe

The Shinling (芯人, Shin-jin; Viz "Gods"; Literally meaning "Core People") are a race among the People of the Cosmos.[1] All are humanoid in appearence, short individuals (with the exception of Kibito and South Kaiō), each with a differing skin coloration, and long, pointed ears. They act as overseers of the Universe, each member of the race is assigned on overseering and ruling over a quadrant of the Universe.


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