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Phantom Manipulation[1]
幻影を操る Gen'ei o Ayatsuru
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS115
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Long range

Phantom Manipulation is an ability to generate Phantasms.


Shantsa performs the skill by releasing dark red-colored rings that create generate various familiars within a separate space. Once ensnared, the target can see generates phantasm fighters they encountered in previous counters. he phantoms proved convincing, as they could speak and act in the same way as their former living counterparts.

However, they are incapable of interacting with the physical plane; Piccolo struck a phantom and it dispersed, only to reform. The genius of this technique comes from teamwork; Shantsa and Damom worked in tandem; Damom striking when the phantoms struck, to give the illusion of a solid spectre.[2]


  • This technique resembles Raichi's Ghost Warriors, though these were solid while the phantoms generated by Shanza are immaterial. 


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