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Polunga GodofNamek
ポルンガ Porunga
Alternative Name(s) Porunga[3]
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Race Shenron
Birthplace Namek
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Christopher Sabat
Japanese Daisuke Gōri(early)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo(onwards)
Professional Status
Counterpart(s) Shenron
Headquarters Namek
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 292
Anime Debut DBK035
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Polunga (ポルンガ; FUNimation "Porunga", Viz "Shenlong")[5] is a magical, wish-granting Dragon that is summoned using the Nameccian Dragon Balls, and as such, is the Nameccian counterpart to Earth's Shenron. He was originally created by Saichōrō, the eldest Nameccian, and later passed onto the Nameccian Elder Muri after the former's death, where he was improved. In Nameccian, the word 'Polunga' means "god of dreams".[6]


Sometime prior to the beginning of the series, Polunga was created by Saichōrō along with the Nameccian Dragon Balls.




Wish Granting

Main article: List of Wishes

Dragon Ball Z

Freeza Arc

Majin Bū Arc

Creation and Conception

According to Akira Toriyama in the 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Chōshishū: Super History Book, Toriyama's goal when making Polunga was to make him look even more incredible than the Shenron of Earth, due to Polunga being the original.[7]

In Other Media

Polunga would go on to be featured in an advertisement for the Ford Motor Company, advertising the 2016 Ford Focus. In the commercial, Kuririn and Gohan summoned Polunga to wish for three different cards with various features; the Shenron would eventually get fed up, and grant one wish instead: a wish for the Ford, which encompassed all the traits Kuririn asked for in three cars.[8]


  • In addition to the name 'Polunga', titles of anime episodes and manga chapters have referred to him by other names before his name was revealed. Both Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Z, Polunga was referred to as Super Shenron (神龍で, Sūpā Shenron) in his début episodes. In his début manga chapter, he was referred to as the Genuine Shenron (本場の神龍, Honba no Shenron). In a similar vein, VIZ Media chapter covers have referred to him as the "True Shenlong".
  • Piccolo Daimaō's children, Tambourine and Cymbal, bear notable resemblances to Polunga in their official manga coloration. Each have green skin with a pebbly texture, and a cream coloured chin and torso. 
  • In the manga, Polunga is summoned a total of 5 times.


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