Canonbutton Manga Super Conjecture

Bergamo Enlarged
Power Gigantification
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS081
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range Close range
Related technique(s)

This is Bergamo's unique ability to absorb the power of his opponent — be it kinetic energy or ki — and increase both his overall size and power. With this technique, Bergamo claims his power is limitless, and with every attack, Bergamo increases further in size, and becomes stronger, turning his own opponents strength against them. Despite Bergamo's claims, this technique has its limitations; for starters, the bigger Bergamo gets, the more blind-spots he acquires, making him vulnerable in places he wasn't originally. Additionally, there is a limit to the strength he can absorb; Bergamo was unable to absorb Son Gokū's Kaiōken God Kamehameha, and was left incredibly weakened.[1]


  1. Dragon Ball Super episode 81
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