The Psycho Thread is a technique used by Bojack's crew (Bujin, Bido, and Zangya).


The user points their hand(s) at the opponent, then a purple energy string ensnares the target, and drains them of their power. According to Bujin, struggling will cause them to lose more energy, until the opponent is rendered unconscious or dead.

It can cause a transformed character to revert back to their base form (i.e. Trunks and Gohan). However the technique was not invincible, as a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan easily dispatches it.


Bujin first uses this technique when Trunks attempted to charge at Bojack, the Psycho Threads drained him of his power, enough for him to revert to base form. The second time was when Trunks and Zangya fought, Bujin used it yet again to paralyze him, allowing her to freely attack. It was later used by Bujin, Zangya, and Bido to restrain Gohan. It was lastly used in an attempt to ensnare a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, but the young boy was unaffected.

Game Appearance

It's used by Zangya in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, as a blast 1 move.


  • Although it can drain a regular, 2nd grade, and a Full-Power Super Saiyan of their strength, it had absolutely no effect on a Super Saiyan 2.
  • Bujin mostly uses this move.
  • The target can be freed, if the user loses focus.
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