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Freeza's Psychokinesis
サイコキネシス Saikokineshisu
Games Psychic Rock Throw (サイキックロックスロー, Saikikku Rokku Surō)[2]
Psychic Move (サイキックムーブ, Saikkiku Mūbu)[3]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 80
Anime Debut DB054
Type Special
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Derived technique(s)

Psychokinesis is a special ability to move objects with one's mind.


Psychokinesis is an ability a user channels one's mental power to change, or alter the mobility of an object with one's thoughts. It is used in various times in the series by a handful of characters. When used by Freeza, he was able to change the direction of objects using by swaying his arms in various directions to his own command.[4] This also applies to two members of the Ginew Special Corps, Gurd and Ginyū, where they used it to lift objects. Cell also used it to precisely create the Cell Games tournament grounds, also using hand gestures to change the direction of various objects at one, adopting this from Freeza's cells. This is also found in Humans such as Blue, who had the uncanny way of using Psychokinesis through his eyes.


  • Despite mortals using this technique, Zamasu views using it as a sign of being a god.


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