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Rakshasa Claw
羅刹爪 Rasetsu Tsume
Games Dimension Sword Attack (ディメンションソードアタック, Deimenshon Sōdo Atakku)[1][2]
First Appearance
Anime Debut Movie #15
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Alteration
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Parent Kikōha
Related technique(s)
Utilised tool(s)

The Rakshasa Claw is a Blending-type technique utilized by Janenba. It encompasses both the alteration and concentration types of the Ki Manipulation Technique.


After creating a sword from a piece of rubbish, Janenba channels his ki through the blade with each strike. The blasts take the form of purple, razor-thin waves of ki, and each one of them possesses tremendous cutting power, slicing into the floor of the altered Hell and leaving a deep trench. Super Saiyan 3 Son Gokū was forced to dodge the strikes, and when struck by a powered-up wave, even when hiding behind a barrier, it left one of his arms near-useless.[3]


  • While it was not named in the movie, this technique has been named in various video games, such as Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2.
  • A Rakshasa is a type of evil spirit in Hindu mythology.
  • Despite utilizing ki in each strike, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 treats the Rakshasa's claw as a melee move.


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