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Restoration Power[1][2][3]
かいふくパワー Kaifuku Pawā
Games Restoration (回復, Kaifuku)[4]
Heal Power[5]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #25, Chapter #299
Anime Debut DBZ080
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butōden
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Related technique(s)

Restoration Power is a Ki Manipulation Technique where one uses their own ki to heal another.


The Restoration Power is a technique where one gives their ki to another person who has been injured, or have had their battle power dropped in battle, and restores them to their full condition. The methods to execute the technique vary between the two known users, however; Dende uses the ki within his body, emitting it from his hands. Kibito acquired the ability as one of the People of the Cosmos, and uses the technique through a Kiai.[1]

With Kaiōshin's, the ability is granted to those who follow in the Kaiōshin's footsteps, after they dance around their attendant for an entire day. If the attendant goes onto becoming a Kaiōshin, they'll lose the ability to use this technique.[6]

Whis' own version of the technique is a bit unique; he utilizes his staff to heal any and all damage done to the body, and clothing damage is healed as well. Whis' ability to heal a target is also the fastest yet seen.[7]


  • Daizenshū 2 listed Kibito as a user of the Restoration Technique, however, Daizenshū 4 would change this, listing Kibito as a user of this technique instead.[8]


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