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Restoration Arts
Restoration Technique[1][2][3]
かいふくじゅつ Kaifuku no Jutsu
Literal English Skill of Restoration
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 39, Chapter 468
Anime Debut DBZ238
Type Unique Technique
Sub-Type Sorcery
Class Supplementary
Related technique(s)

Restoration Technique is a sorcery skill that enables one to heal bodies injured in battle.


The Restoration Technique is a mystical art that heals the target. The healing is considerably great, as it is even able to restore missing body parts, and revive someone at the point of death. The technique is channeled through Majin Bū's antenna. This was originally an ability of the Grand Kaiōshin, and Majin Bū acquired it by absorbing him.[2] Majin Bū has also channeled similar healing abilities through his hands to revive other individuals close to death, and heal a blind boy. He cannot, however, use his abilities to revive the dead.[4]


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