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The body of a Saiyan is truly the ultimate blessing from the gods. The more I get hit and beaten, the more my power rises!

Gokū Black, Zamasu's Ambition — The Terrifying "Zero Mortals Plan" is Told

Restoration from the Verge of Death
瀕死から回復 Hinshi kara Kaifuku
Games Saiyan Power[1]
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
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Restoration from the Verge of Death is a unique characteristic that found among the Saiyan race.


Part of what makes the Saiyan race such efficient fighters is their method of healing. While a Saiyan does not appear to heal any faster than a Earthling, they have a very unique buff that occurs when they've recovered from injuries that prove to be near fatal, where the Saiyan gains a large increase in power. This buff was exploited by Saiyans in the Freeza's Army; after battles, the injured Saiyan could be placed in a rejuvenation chamber by a doctor working for the Empire, and would find their wounds healed within a generally short period of time, When the healing session concludes, the healed Saiyan would find an increase in power and return to the battlefield. According to Vegeta, a boost will not be received if the wound is self-inflicted, meaning it has to come from an external source.[2] Additionally, a Saiyan can easily exploit this buff should they choose to; if the situation presents itself, a Saiyan can lower his own energy to make himself vulnerable to a weaker comrade's lethal blow,[2] and then be healed back to their full capacity, and still receive a very sizable boost.[3][Note 1]

This power boost appears to increase exponentially with each use. Gokū's usage of it for examples had minimal power ups the first few times he used it, against his near death with Piccolo. After using it repeatedly, his fighting strength went from 90,000 to 3,000,000 when he recovered from his fight against Captain Ginyū. There have been times where the power boost from healing has either been minimal or non-existent, as seen when Gohan was fighting the evil Majin Boo. Dende had used his healing abilities to heal Gohan, who had been close to dying, but Gohan was still outmatched, showing the boost was either minimal or simply had not occurred.[4]

In Other Media

Video Games

In the XenoVerse series, Restoration from the Verge of Death is represented by the unique traits the Saiyans are afforded within the game, coming in the form of two separate buffs. When a Saiyan's health drops below 25%, their attack stat is bolstered. When a Saiyan is defeated, but revived, all of their stats are bolstered as well. While these buffs are in effect, a Saiyan gains a soft white aura.


  • Due to persisting amounts of misinformation, this term is incorrectly referred to as a "Zenkai" (全開, Full Release) by the fanbase. The term was used in the Dragon Ball Z ending theme, Come Out, Incredible ZENKAI Power!.


  1. Vegeta was the only fighter present able to read Freeza's moves after his near-death experience, showing his fighting strength had gone up to a fraction of Freeza's own power.


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