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My servants, who fill the Earth! Earthlings, who have become Tsufruians. Take the ch'i from your hatred of the Saiyans...and transmit it to me!

—Baby, This is Super Awful?! Super Saiyan 3 is Defeated!!

Revenge Death Ball[1]
リベンジデスボール Ribenji Desu Bōru
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBGT029
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)

The Revenge Death Ball is a Ki Manipulation Technique and the signature technique of Baby.


The Revenge Death Ball parallels the Life Ball created by the Kaiō of the North. Using his connection to the Earthling-turned-Tsufurians, he gathers their ki — fueled by hatred — and creates a gigantic dark sphere of energy. Once the sphere has been fully formed, Baby can launch it as his opponent. Also similar to the Life Ball, the Revenge Death Ball is incredibly volatile and explodes on contact with the surface of the planet. Due to this, it is incapable of destroying a planet.[2]


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