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This article details a subject that is considered non-canon. The subject of this article only appeared in the anime. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Z anime series. The subject of this article appeared in the movies. The subject of this article appeared in the video games. The title of this canon article is from a non-canon source. This article is about a canon subject that lacks an official name in canon media and is known only by its name in non-canon media.

Reversal Launcher
リバーサルランチャー Ribāsaru Ranchā
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie 12
Game Debut Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Mid range
Parent Kikōha
Air Dance Technique

The Reversal Launcher is a Ki Manipulation Technique of the Herā clan.


The technique is used when Bōjakku is upside down with the use of the Air Dance Technique where he uses a power green-colored Kikōha.[1]



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