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Revival of "F" Arc
Kanji 復活ふっかつの「エフへん
Rōmaji Fukkatsu no "Efu" Hen
Other Freeza's Revival Arc (フリーザ復活ふっかつへん, Furīza Fukkatsu Hen)
FUNi Resurrection 'F' Saga[1]
Series Dragon Ball Super
Previous God and God Arc
Next Hakaishin Champa Arc
Series Information
Anime Original Run November 15, 2015 - January 17, 2016
Corresponding Episodes DBS019 - DBS027

See also: List of Volumes and List of Dragon Ball Super episodes The Revival of "F" Arc (復活ふっかつの「エフへん, Fukkatsu no "Efu" Hen)[2], also known as Freeza's Revival Arc (フリーザ復活ふっかつへん, Furīza Fukkatsu Hen) in the release Blu-ray and DVD Box Sets, is an arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime. This arc sees the revival of Freeza, who then trains for several months to unlock his latent power. The arc spans from episodes 19 to 27 of the anime series. It also covers the events of the nineteenth Dragon Ball movie — Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F". It is preceded by the God and God Arc and is succeeded by the Hakaishin Champa Arc.


In Hell's depths, the Fairies are tormenting someone with their optimism which turns out to be Freeza, who is locked in a cocoon hung on the tree.

On Sorbet's spaceship, a soldier reports that their first, second and third battalions have being annihilated, reducing their army by 60%. Sorbet realizes that the only option they have is to resurrect Freeza. Tagoma questions if Freeza's revival will make a difference, to which Sorbet reminds Tagoma that Freeza's heartless personality made people fear him which allowed him to rule the majority of the universe, concluding that Freeza's revival will revive their army to full power. Seeing as they are unable to locate the Nameccians home world, Sorbet decides that he will go to Earth to find the Dragon Balls along with Tagoma.

On planet Beerus, Gokū and Vegeta continue sparing with Whis. After a while, Whis stops them. Whis notes that Gokū and Vegeta are better than compared to earlier on but they are still not fast enough as he managed to sign their clothes, which surprises the Saiyan duo. Whis tells Vegeta that he is a genius at fighting but Gokū is still one step ahead of him and the reason for that is because he is constantly tensed and thinks too much which limits his full potential; Whis advises Vegeta to relax in order to stay calm, like Gokū. However, Whis notes that Gokū being too relaxed is also a problem and demonstrates that by hitting Gokū without him realizing it while noting that his overconfidence is also a problem. Whis advises Gokū that his confidence and being too relaxed will make him carefree and thus will cause him to be caught off guard most of the time. Whis tells the Saiyan duo that they will increase the pace of the training now.

Back on Earth, Piccolo is babysitting Pan. Soon, Gohan and Videl return from shopping. Suddenly, Piccolo senses a disturbance and wonders what it is. Meanwhile in a cave, the Pilaf Gang has found the last Dragon Ball. However, Sorbet and Tagoma appear before the Pilaf Gang, threatening them to hand over the Dragon Balls. Outside the cave, the Pilaf Gang prepare to summon Shenron; Shū and Mai admit that they don't want to give their wishes away after going through so much trouble, but Pilaf begrudgingly accepts that they don't have a choice in the matter. With the Dragon Ball gathered together. Pilaf summons Shenron and the mighty green dragon appears. Sorbet wishes for Freeza to be resurrected. However, Shenron notes that while the wish is possible, Freeza's body was cut to pieces a long time ago and it would be meaningless to bring back Freeza's soul to a destroyed body. Tagoma informs Sorbet that their Medical Machine can regenerate Freeza's cut up body back to normal. Sorbet tells Shenron to resurrect Freeza even if he is in pieces; Shenron relents and grants Sorbet's wish. Freeza's cut up body appears before Sorbet and Tagoma. Shenron asks for his next two wishes; Sorbet wonders if he should revive Freeza's father as well. Suddenly, Shū wishes for one million zeni and Mai wishes for the world's best ice cream. Shenron grants the two wishes and disappears along with the Dragon Balls dispersing accros the Earth. Sorbet is annoyed that the Pilaf Gang used his two remaining wishes, but Tagama informs Sorbet that they should leave with Freeza's body before the Saiyans arrive; Sorbet and Tagoma put Freeza's cut up body in the spaceship and leave Earth. The Pilaf Gang decide to celebrate by having a feast after eating Mai's ice cream. With the sky returned to normal, Piccolo senses that something is amiss.

On the spaceship, Sorbet puts Freeza's cut up body into a Medical Machine. While waiting for Freeza to revive, Tagoma questions again if Freeza's revival is necessary, to which Sorbet scolds Tagoma for doubting him, telling him again that Freeza's might will revive their army as well. Suddenly, Freeza's body is almost finished regenerating; the power emanating from Freeza's regenerating body causes the soldiers' scouters to malfunction along with many other machinery on the ship. The regeneration process completes and Freeza bursts from his tank, revived and fully rejuvenated; at the same time, Gokū senses something bad and wonders if it the atmosphere. Freeza realizes that he has been resurrected and smiles wickedly.

Freeza has been revived and fully rejuvenated; Sorbet personally greets him, and it takes Freeza a moment to remember precisely who he was. Freeza briefly inquires about his father, and while Sorbet says they intended to revive him, the tyrant says that reviving his father is best avoided. Now fully revived, Freeza tests his powers, disappointed to see that they've decreased slightly during his time in Hell. Noting this, the tyrant decides that revenge will have to take a back seat until he can recover entirely.

Tagoma then humbly insists that Freeza leave the Saiyan alone. Disgusted, Freeza punishes Tagoma by piercing him with multiple fingertip ki blasts which horrifies the rest of the soldiers. Freeza decides to not kill Tagoma as it would be boring to finish him off so quickly. Taking Tagoma as an example, Freeza notes that the Freeza's Army has become a band of weak cowards in his absence. Sorbet, however, stresses the fact that Gokū has become much stronger in the years that Freeza has been dead, triumphing over foes like Majin Bū. Freeza notes that in the past, his father warned him against angering Majin Bū and the Hakaishin Beerus. Despite this, he isn't discouraged; Freeza decides that Gokū's triumphs have only made it more interesting. Explaining that he was born a prodigy with no need to ever train, Freeza decides to commit himself to training for the next four months, believing with the new powers he'd unlock from training, he could finally crush the Super Saiyan.

On planet Beerus, Gokū and Vegeta continue their training; Whis notes that the two Saiyan have grown stronger in such a short space of time. Soon, Beerus arrives after having trouble falling fast asleep. Beerus wonders how the Saiyan are on his planet, to which Gokū tells the Hakaishin that Whis brought them here. Beerus speculates that his attendant only agreed to do so with the reward of food, which Gokū and Vegeta confirm. Beerus becomes wary of Gokū and Vegeta and surmises that the Saiyans are building their strength in order to take his job as Hakaishin, which Gokū and Vegeta deny, the latter not wanting the former to surpass him in strength. Beerus asks his attendant for the delicious food, but Whis regretfully informs the Hakaishin that he accidentally dropped the food this time while traveling back to the planet. Suddenly, Beerus realizes from Whis' statement that his attendant has repeatedly gone to Earth many times while he was asleep. Whis is silent at first but decides to be truthful, telling Beerus that he went to Earth to be his food taster.

Four months have past; a spaceship is going to Earth and heading to Capsule Corporation. Outside the company, the small man asks Goten and Trunks to take him to Bulma as he has something urgent to discuss with her; the boys ask for his name, to which the small man tells the young Saiyan that he is Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Goten and Trunks bring Bulma to Jaco and the two have a brief reunion. Deciding to move onto important matters, Jaco warns Bulma that Freeza has been revived, and is on his way to Earth with a thousand soldiers. Bulma attempted to summon Whis through a strawberry sundae offering in order to communicate with Gokū, but nothing happened. Bulma asks Jaco when Freeza will arrive, to which Jaco bluntly states in one hour. Horrified, Bulma gives the strawberry sundae to Jaco to hold and goes to inform the Dragon Team about the impending crisis.

After Bulma informs the Dragon Team about Freeza's revival, Kuririn, Muten Rōshi, Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Gohan fly to the landing area where Freeza will arrive. Freeza's spaceship begins descending towards the Earth; Freeza exclaims that the time for his revenge has arrived. Freeza's Spaceship lands on Earth and hundreds of Freeza's soldiers begin emerging. The Dragon Team prepare themselves for a fight. Jaco's Spaceship appears and lands with Bulma forcing Jaco to help in defending the Earth. Soon, Freeza himself emerges from his spaceship and looks at the Dragon Team, seeing that Gokū is not among them. Freeza remembers Piccolo and Kuririn, the latter he remembers due to blowing him up. Bulma tries to buy time by talking to Freeza, but Freeza takes no heed of Bulma's words and orders his army to attack.

The battle between the Dragon Team and Freeza's Army begins. Watching the battle, Freeza is able to remember Gohan and sees that he has inherited his father's gentle personality; a personality that he despises utterly. However, the battle shifts easily into the Dragon Team's favor as many of Freeza's soldiers are taken down. Freeza is infuriated that his army is still a bunch of weaklings. Deciding to motivate his army to do better, Freeza offers the reward of a planet to anyone who can kill Kuririn, many soldiers begin surrounding Kuririn.

On Beerus' Planet, Gokū and Vegeta are sparring with each other until Whis orders them to take a break. Watching the duo while relaxing from his chair, Beerus notes that the Saiyan duo is much more powerful, although Goku admits that his power is still greater than theirs. Suddenly, Beerus has an idea and order Whis to send the Saiyan duo to that place. However, Whis doubts that Gokū and Vegeta are ready for it, but Beerus reasons that it is the best way to get stronger fast and as an added bonus, it won't be noisy on his planet anymore. Whis carries out the order and uses his scepter to teleport Gokū and Vegeta to that place. Seeing that its quiet again, Beerus asks Whis if the snacks are ready, to which Whis notes that he will prepare them.

Back on Earth, Kuririn is surrounded by many of Freeza's soldiers. Kuririn becomes fearful of dying again while a soldier mocks him. The soldier tries attacking him but Kuririn easily dodges the attack. Muten Roshi reminds Kuririn that his eyes were sharp enough to be able to keep up with Gokū and Beerus' battle and that is why he could easily see the soldier's movements. Confident again, Kuririn fights and defeats the soldiers surrounding him with an Expansion Diffusion Kikōha while the rest of the Dragon Team continue their fights without any worries.

Freeza is infuriated that not even one of his soldiers can defeat a single enemy; Sorbet notes that they will be defeated at this rate, to which Freeza attributes to Sorbet's weak leadership. Fearful of Freeza's wrath, Sorbet orders Shisami to attack the Dragon Team. Sensing that Shisami is stronger than the other soldiers, Gohan decides to face Shisami. Shisami tries to crush Gohan with a bear hug but it doesn't affect Gohan in the slightest; Gohan prepares to finish off Shisami. Suddenly, Shisami is impaled by Tagoma's ki blast which also impales Gohan as well, which shocks the Dragon Team and surprises Freeza.

The Dragon Team manage to save Gohan thanks to Piccolo and a Senzu Bean. Meanwhile, Sorbet criticizes Tagoma for his actions; Tagoma notes that it was the best opportunity to take out the enemy's strongest and glares at Sorbet for being weak-hearted, frightening Sorbet. However, Tagoma thanks Sorbet for selecting him to be Freeza's special training partner during Freeza's four month training regime. As a result, Tagoma has not only become more cold and ruthless during those four months but is now even stronger than the Ginyu Force combined. Tagoma powers up, causing Goten and Trunks to sense Tagoma's huge ki. The young Saiyan duo begin flying to the source. Unbeknownst to everyone at the battlefield, a frog appears from Jaco's spaceship.

Tagoma, having powered up and ready for battle, faces the Dragon Team. Piccolo decides to battle Tagoma first. Piccolo attacks Tagoma. However, Piccolo's punch doesn’t do anything; Tagoma counters by ripping off Piccolo's arm and attacking him multiple times. Seeing his mentor in trouble, Gohan intervenes and blasts Tagoma away, allowing Piccolo to regenerate his arm. The smoke clears away and Tagoma isn't even scratched by Gohan's blast. Tagoma gloats about the great power and body of steel he has obtained due to withstanding Freeza’s four month training. Suddenly, Super Saiyan Gotenks arrives and smashes into Tagoma, causing great pain for Tagoma. Before he can fight Freeza, the fusion comes undone and Gotenks splits back into Goten and Trunks. Seeing them, Freeza notes that Goten is the son of Gokū and upon looking at Trunks, he remembers that he is similar to the Saiyan who killed him; he concludes that the boys are Saiyans and becomes enraged that the Saiyan race has multiplied since his absence. Frightened by the tyrant's anger, Goten and Trunks decide to watch the battle with Bulma and Jaco.

Before Tagoma can get back up, a frog appears in front of Tagoma and writes the word "change". Tagoma utters change, which envelopes him and the frog in a bright light, causing them to switch bodies. The being that was in the frog’s body, now in Tagoma’s body, reveals himself to be Ginyū, the former Captain of the Ginyū Special Squad, and announces his return to Freeza. Ginyū explains to Freeza his story of becoming trapped in the frog's body and the events that caused him to arrive on Earth. Ginyū reaffirms his loyalty to Freeza and decides to fight the Dragon Team now that he has acquired a powerful body. Ginyū simultaneously attacks the Dragon Team with great ease, injuring them all at once. Freeza is impressed with Ginyū's strength while Ginyu himself is pleased with Tagoma's body and the power it offers. Gohan gets up and decides to fight Ginyū at full power. Seeing that the situation is dire, Bulma gets Goten and Trunks to help her in contacting Whis with the ice cream sundae again.

On Beerus' planet, Beerus is enjoying eating his pizza. Whis asks Beerus again if sending the Saiyan duo to that place was the best choice, to which the Hakaishin has no problem with as it is the best way to get stronger fast so that they can play with him. Meanwhile, Gokū and Vegeta are immobilized in the place Whis sent them to. After remembering Whis' training advice, Vegeta controls his ki and is able to move again with Gokū doing the same. The Saiyan duo notice the warm atmosphere and tremendous pressure; Gokū and Vegeta surmise that the place Whis sent them to is like the Room of Spirit and Time, where time flows at a much faster rate than outside. Gokū decides that they should look for a building with food otherwise they will starve to death.

Back on Earth, Gohan begins fighting Ginyū. However, Ginyū blocks all of Gohan's attacks; Ginyū begins his attack and overwhelms Gohan with a few strikes and multiple ki blasts. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and overwhelms Ginyū with two hits. Noting that Ginyū is unable to get up, Gohan shows Ginyū mercy and decides not to continue fighting. Freeza becomes furious due to Gohan's mercy being just like the mercy Gokū showed him on Namek. Before Gohan can tell Ginyū to leave Earth, the enraged Freeza pierces Gohan with Death Beams. Ginyū thanks Freeza for the assistance but the tyrant orders Ginyū to step aside because he wants to kill Gohan himself, to which Ginyū complies. The Dragon Team try to assist Gohan, but Ginyū blocks them off. Freeza begins torturing Gohan by piercing him with multiple Death Beams; the tyrant slowly becomes satisfied, mocking Gohan for giving up so easily and telling the Saiyan to plead for his life. Freeza decides to finish off Gohan and fires a Death Beam. Suddenly, Piccolo stands in front of Gohan and is pierced by the Death Beam instead, shocking Gohan. The Nameccian drops onto the ground as Gohan calls out to his fallen mentor.

Piccolo sacrificed himself to save Gohan. The Dragon Team are shocked by Piccolo's death while Gohan mourns the loss of his mentor. Freeza is satisfied with the despair that the Dragon Team are experiencing.

On Beerus' Planet, Whis is watching Gokū and Vegeta train; Beerus has finished eating the last box of pizza and orders Whis to provide him with more pizza. However, Whis informs Beerus that he has stored many pizza boxes in his staff but since he ordered Gokū and Vegeta to be sent there, them staff is currently in use. Beerus demands more pizza, forcing Whis to stop Gokū and Vegeta's training, transporting the Saiyan duo along with his staff back to Beerus' Planet. Whis heals Gokū and Vegeta. Afterwards, Whis gives Beerus his pizza, but the boxes are all empty, courtesy of the Saiyan duo. Beerus is furious that the Saiyan duo ate his pizza and chases after Gokū and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Whis looks at an incoming message which is from Bulma regarding the ice cream sundae. Whis contacts Bulma; Bulma asks Whis to tell Gokū and Vegeta to return to Earth immediately and informs him about Freeza's revival. Whis informs Gokū and Vegeta about the situation; Gokū decides to have Whis transport him and Vegeta to Earth, but Whis says that it will take 35 minutes to reach Earth. Beerus reminds Gokū that he can use Instantaneous Movement; Gokū tries it, but is unable to lock onto any ki on Earth due to it being so far away.

On Earth, Gohan blames himself for Piccolo's death and being unable to protect the Earth. Using his last bit of power, Gohan powers up greatly and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Gokū continues trying to lock on to a ki signature and finally manages to lock onto Gohan's ki. Vegeta grabs Gokū's shoulder and they teleport to Earth. Gohan reverts to normal, having exhausted all his power. Freeza decides to end Gohan's life and fires a Death Beam. Suddenly, Gokū appears along with Vegeta and deflects Freeza's Death Beam, saving his son's life. Vegeta carries the heavily injured Gohan away while Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to transport Piccolo's body to Dende, promising to revive him with the Dragon Balls. After doing so, Gokū returns to the battlefield and asks Goten and Trunks to tell Dende about the situation. Goten and Trunks leave while Gokū and Vegeta prepare themselves. Freeza is happy that Gokū has finally arrived and blames him for his death and making him go through hell; Ginyū also blames the Saiyan duo for his circumstances. Suddenly, Vegeta appears before Ginyū in a split second and fires a ki blast at Ginyū which obliterates and kills Ginyū. Freeza exits his hoverpod and decides to fight himself; he tells Gokū that he underestimated him before and this time he transform straight into his final form. Freeza begins transforming which unleashes an immense amount of power that kills all of his soldiers except Sorbet just to show off his new power. Freeza, now in his final form, decides to begin his revenge while Gokū powers up for battle.

Gokū and Freeza stare each other down. They both block each others punches, which begins their fight. Throughout the fight, Gokū has the advantage. Freeza decides to play unfairly and targets his ki blasts at the Dragon Team; Gokū blocks Freeza's blasts which saves Kuririn and Bulma but allows Freeza to land many hits on Gokū, although Gokū is still able to recover and counter. During the battle, Gokū and Freeza speak to each other more than fighting; Freeza again expresses his hatred for the Saiyan, planning to kill everyone he knows as part of his vengeance while Gokū admonishes Freeza for playing dirty and expresses his disappointment that he is unable to enjoy the fight against Freeza's newfound might due to him being evil. Vegeta watches the battle and is unhappy with what he is seeing.

Freeza's tries stabbing Gokū's eyes but the Saiyan easily stops Freeza. After breaking away, Freeza and Gokū fire ki blasts at each other but neither are able to hit each other. After briefly fighting at close quarters again, Vegeta interrupts and kicks Gokū aside. Suddenly, Vegeta begins attacking Gokū, shocking the Dragon Team. Freeza breaks up the scuffle between Gokū and Vegeta with a ki blast. Freeza asks Vegeta about his intentions; Vegeta expresses his annoyance that both Gokū and Freeza are playing around and demands that they fight seriously. Gokū and Freeza listen to Vegeta's demands and the Saiyan Prince flies back down.

Before beginning their actual fight, Gokū and Freeza note to each other that they are hiding new powers from each other. Gokū decides to show Freeza the fruits of his training; Gokū powers up and transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The Dragon Team is amazed at Gokū's new transformation. Gokū explains to Freeza that his new Super Saiyan form is a Super Saiyan transformation utilizing the godly ki of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Gokū asks Freeza to show him the fruits of his training.

Gokū has transformed into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Gokū asks Freeza to show him the fruits of his training. However, Freeza is not shocked nor fearful of Gokū's new transformation and attacks him from behind, but Gokū easily fends off Freeza's attack. Freeza explains that he was merely testing Gokū's new power before unveiling his own. Seeing that Gokū isn't bluffing, Freeza begins powering up greatly which covers him in a gold light. After the gold light disappears, Freeza emerges and has transformed which has changed his body color to gold. The Dragon Team are terrified by the amount of power Freeza has now gained thanks to his new transformation. Gokū is surprised by Freeza's new transformation; Freeza refers to his new form as "Golden Freeza". The transformed Gokū and Freeza begin their battle, fighting each other at close quarters for a short while evenly matched; they start firing ki blasts at each other, causing a ki struggle between them.

During the ki struggle between Gokū and Freeza, Whis contacts Bulma about the ice cream sundae and informs her that they will be at Earth within less than four minutes. Suddenly, Whis stops traveling to Earth after sensing something and tells Beerus that they have unexpected visitors. The visitors appear in front of Beerus and Whis, revealing themselves to be Champa and Vados. Beerus asks Champa why he is in the Seventh Universe since the Hakaishin of the Sixth Universe has no business in his universe; Champa replies that he is merely visiting and expresses surprise that Beerus is awake. Not believing Champa, Beerus asks the Sixth Universe Hakaishin if he is trying to steal food from the Seventh Universe, but Champa claims that the Sixth Universe's food is superior to the Seventh Universe, expressing no interest in the Seventh Universe's food and states that he is merely checking things out. However, Beerus knows Champa is lying and becomes suspicious. Whis informs Beerus that they have a place to be at while Vados informs Champa that they must go. Beerus and Champa decide to settle things next time. Champa and Vados leave; while traveling, Champa asks Vados how many do they have, to which Vados replies that they have five. Champa hopes that Beerus doesn't realize what he is up to until he has them all.

Back on Earth, the ki struggle between Gokū and Freeza ends in a draw; the two combatants fight at close quarters again. Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis arrive at Earth and the Hakaishin asks Bulma for the ice cream sundae, to which Bulma gives to them. While Gokū and Freeza battle, Beerus and Whis enjoy eating their ice cream sundae. Freeza begins overpowering Gokū and smashes him towards the ground. On the ground, Freeza walks to Gokū; Gokū admits that Freeza has indeed become very strong to the point that he is having difficulty. While telling Gokū that he plans to kill Vegeta and the rest of the Dragon Team after dealing with him, Freeza sees that Beerus is among the Dragon Team and asks why he is here; the Hakaishin replies that he is here to eat the ice cream sundae and is not concerned with Freeza's revenge, telling the tyrant to do whatever he likes.

Freeza decides to get back to fighting with Gokū and overpowers the Saiyan once again. After smashing Gokū into the ground, Freeza is glad to see that he is winning the battle so far and is happy to see Gokū suffering; the tyrant smiles with satisfaction.

After smashing Gokū into the ground, Freeza is glad to see that he is winning the battle so far and is happy to see Gokū suffering; the tyrant smiles with satisfaction. However, Gokū tells Freeza that the battle isn't over. Freeza wraps his tail around Gokū's neck and begins pummeling Gokū. Watching the battle, Beerus notes that if Vegeta worked together with Gokū, Freeza would have already been defeated; Whis interjects and says that the Saiyans' pride would never allow them to work together. Gokū finds an opening and bites Freeza's tail, freeing himself from Freeza’s grasp. Gokū attempts to fight back, but Freeza’s immense strength overpowers Gokū. Freeza is satisfied with some of the revenge he has gained but still holds a grudge against Gokū for his interference on planet Namek and for giving him a humiliating defeat. After kicking Gokū in the air, Freeza binds Gokū's arms with his left arm and tail; Goku tries to kick himself free, but to no avail. Freeza fires a powerful ki blast at Gokū.

However, the ki blast does not kill Gokū due to Freeza holding back. Vegeta tells Goku to stop being sloppy and berates him for not noticing Freeza's weakness. Suddenly, Gokū realizes the weakness that Vegeta is referring to and asks the Saiyan prince to give him a little more fighting time. Gokū tells Freeza that he will turn the tables around to his favor now that he knows the weakness of Freeza's new transformation; Freeza does not believe Gokū's lies. However, Gokū decides to let Freeza figure out his weakness as it will start affecting him in due time.

After Gokū and Freeza power up, the combatants fight at close quarters but this time Gokū is able to fight evenly with Freeza. However, Gokū starts losing his advantage as Freeza begins overpowering him again. Freeza smashes the Saiyan into the ground again. The tyrant approaches Gokū and punches the Saiyan in the face. However, the final blow does nothing to Gokū which surprises Freeza. Gokū declares that he will now turn the battle around and punches Freeza in the face, injuring the tyrant. Freeza is shocked that he is suddenly at a disadvantage. Gokū assumes that Freeza came to Earth immediately after he achieved his Golden form, to which Freeza confirms. Gokū tells Freeza his weakness; that due to not being accustomed to his new form, his Golden form consumes a tremendous amount of energy and as a result has depleted Freeza's physical strength.

Gokū notes that Freeza no longer has the strength to defeat him. Freeza refuses to accept his weakness and tries attacking Gokū, but Gokū easily blocks Freeza's attack and throws him onto the ground. Gokū powers down and returns to normal after seeing that there is no reason to fight the greatly weakened Freeza. Suddenly, Gokū is pierced in the chest by Sorbet's ray gun which causes Gokū to collapse onto the ground. Freeza gets up and slams his foot on Gokū's pierced chest, happy that he saved a strategy in the case he was losing. While pushing his foot on Gokū's injury, Freeza taunts Gokū for letting his guard down too much and cites it as his weakness. Freeza prepares to finish off Gokū once and for all with a ki blast. Suddenly, Vegeta fires a ki blast, forcing Freeza to evade and jumps away from Gokū. Vegeta declares that it is time for him to fight.

Vegeta kicks Gokū towards Kuririn and Gohan; Freeza attacks Gokū with a Death Beam, but Vegeta intercepts and deflects Freeza's Death Beam towards Sorbet, killing him. Gokū eats a Senzu and decides to let Vegeta fight. Vegeta transforms into the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, which shocks Freeza. Vegeta attacks Freeza and overwhelms him with his new transformation, eventually causing Freeza to revert back to his true form, who then realizes that he cannot win.

Refusing to accept defeat, Freeza decides to destroy the planet, killing Vegeta in the process. Shortly afterwards, Earth is destroyed, but Whis creates a bubble around a small piece of rock to protect himself and the others. While Bulma despairs, Gokū regrets not killing Freeza when he had the chance. Whis tells him that he has the power to set back time but only three minutes earlier. He does so, and they arrive back right before Freeza destroys the Earth. Gokū transforms into the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form and immediately attacks Freeza with a Kamehameha which destroys and kills the tyrant.

Beerus is disturbed at the prospect of condoning the restoration of a planet, but Bulma reassures that he and Whis will be rewarded with a large banquet. Gokū travels to planet Namek in order to use the Nameccian Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo while Gohan flies home to check on his wife and child.

After Piccolo is revived, the Dragon Team along with Beerus and Whis attend a large banquet at Capsule Corporation. While Beerus and Whis enjoy their delicious reward, Gohan apologizes to Piccolo for being the one to cause his death, but Piccolo doesn't mind. Gohan tells Piccolo he has realized that in order to protect the ones he loves, he must become stronger and asks Piccolo to train him again, to which Piccolo warns Gohan to re-train his dull body as preparation. Gokū and Vegeta discuss Whis's assertion that, if the two of them were to team up they would be powerful enough to beat even Beerus. Vegeta states that although this may be true, he still prefers to fight alone in order to test his own abilities and become the greatest fighter on his own. Surprisingly, Gokū agrees with him and the two share a laugh over having finally found something they agree on.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Freeza is welcomed back by the dancing happy Angels of Hell, much to the tyrant's displeasure.


# English title Kanji title Rōmaji title Japanese airdate
19 Despair Once More! Revival of the Evil Emperor, Freeza! 絶望ふたたび!悪の帝王・フリーザの復活! Zetsubō Futatabi! Aku no Teiō Furīza no Fukkatsu! November 15, 2015[3]
20 A Warning From Jaco! Freeza and 1,000 Soldiers are Fast Approaching! ジャコからの警告!迫り来るフリーザと1000人の兵士達! Jako Kara no Keikoku! Semari Kuru Furīza to 1000-Ri no Heishi-tachi! November 22, 2015[3]
21 The Revenge Begins! The Freeza Army's Malice Strikes Gohan! 復讐のはじまり!フリーザ軍の悪意が悟飯を撃つ! Fukushū no Hajimari! Furīza Gun no Akui ga Gohan o Utsu! November 29, 2015[3]
22 Change! An Impossible Revival! The Name's Ginyū!! チェーンジ!まさかの復活!その名はギニュー!! Chēnji! Masaka no Fukkatsu! Sono Na wa Ginyū!! December 6, 2015[3]
23 The Earth and Gohan in Dire Peril! Come Quick, Son Gokū!! 地球が!悟飯が!絶体絶命!早く来てくれ孫悟空!! Chikyū ga! Gohan ga! Zettaizetsumei! Hayaku Kite kure Son Gokū!! December 13, 2015[3]
24 Clash: Freeza versus Son Gokū! This is the Fruit of My Training! 激突!フリーザVS孫悟空 これがオラの修行の成果だ! Gekitotsu! Furīza Tai Son Gokū Kore ga Ora no Shugyō no Seika da! December 20, 2015[3]
25 An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Freeza 全開バトル!復讐のゴールデンフリーサ Zenkai Batoru! Fukushū no Gōruden Furīza December 27, 2015[3]
26 Amidst the Crisis, a Shot at Victory Appears! Son Gokū's Counterattack Begins! だいピンチにしょうえた!はんげきかいそんくうDai-Pinchi ni Shōki ga Mieta! Hangeki Kaishi da Son Gokū! January 10, 2016[3]
27 The Earth Explodes?! A Climatic Kamehameha きゅうばくはつ!? けっちゃくのかめはめ Chikyū Bakuhatsu?! Ketchaku no Kamehameha January 17, 2016[3]

Differences with Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F"

  • In Super episodes 16 and 17, Vegeta asks Whis to train him in exchange for tasty food, and the Saiyan prince trains under Beerus' attendant for over six months before Gokū arrives to join them. However, according to Akira Toriyama, Gokū asked Whis to train him first, and Vegeta joined, unwilling to let the gap between him and Gokū widen.[4]
  • In Super episode 17, Bulma helps Kuririn capture the robbers by swiftly driving her car near the robbers in order to sway them into a tree in retaliation for the robbers hitting her car (resulting in her being fined by Kuririn). In the movie, Kuririn captures these robbers by himself, while Bulma contacts Kuririn from afar, nowhere near the high-speed chase.
  • In Super episodes 18 and 19, Whis had lectured Gokū and Vegeta after telling the Saiyans to spar with him, detailing how they think too much before they move. Whis had claimed Vegeta especially had this error, and didn't touch upon Gokū's weakness of being too complacent, and stepped in poo before Whis tested out the Saiyans again, marked both their shirts, and touched upon both Gokū and Vegeta's weaknesses. After this, the Saiyans also did chores on Beerus' planet. In the movie, the Saiyans only sparred with Whis once, before Whis marked their shirts, lectured them on their individual weaknesses only once, and stepped on poo afterwards, before Beerus woke up from their conversing and training.
  • In Super episode 19, the episode showcases dialogue from Toriyama's script from Dragon Ball: Revival of "F" that was originally taken out of the movie, which consists of Sorbet and Tagoma discussing Freeza based on their first impressions of the emperor.
    • In addition, in the episode, Sorbet and Tagoma find the last Dragon Ball in a cavern while encountering the Pilaf Gang for the first time. However, in the movie, the Pilaf Gang had not yet found the last Dragon Ball, and found it with the help of Sorbet and Tagoma after the former ordered the latter to find the last Dragon Ball, which was under sea.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, the Pilaf Gang had intended to attack Sorbet while encountering he and Tagoma in the cavern, leading Sorbet to intimidate the gang by firing his weapon on a cavern wall near the gang. In the movie, Sorbet shot the weapons out of the gang's hands while on Freeza's ship, and Tagoma was not present as he was searching for the last Dragon Ball under sea.
    • Moreover, in the episode, Shenron reveals he can grant three wishes, rather than only two. Shenron implies that he had the ability to grant three wishes the moment he was renewed by the new god of Earth, but that the requests to revive a large amount of people took up two wishes, leaving only one left. Shenron then demands two more wishes, leading Shū and Mai to hastily take them by wishing for one million zeni and world-class ice cream respectively. In the movie, Shenron only asks for a second wish, and just Shū makes the same wish.
    • Additionally, in this episode, the flashback showing Trunks obliterated Freeza was taken from the footage of Dragon Ball Z anime. In the movie, the flashback was completely reanimated.
    • Also, in the episode, Tagoma simply gets Sorbet to relent from assaulting the Pilaf Gang by verbal request. In the movie, Tagoma had to physically restrain Sorbet from doing so.
    • Likewise, in this episode, Captain Ginyū in present in the frog form. In the movie, he doesn't show up.
  • In Super episode 20, various events shown from the movie are reordered, and the episode also showcases a plethora of differences from the movie, such as:
    • Tagoma being the only one to personally introduce himself to Freeza in the episode. In the movie, both Tagoma and Shisami personally introduce themselves to the revived emperor of evil.
    • Freeza did not sacrifice a soldier from his army in order to test out his power, presumably due to the low amount of soldiers in the ship when he was revived. In the movie, there were many soldiers surrounding his resurrection, and Freeza killed one in order to experiment with his powers after being dead for a long time.
    • In this episode, after Freeza states his desire to get revenge on Gokū and Trunks of the future, Sorbet requests Freeza to focus on the rest of the universe, earning an intimidating stare from the emperor, while Tagoma recommends to the emperor that he forget about the Saiyans, leading Freeza to torture Tagoma while letting him live. However, in the movie, Tagoma made both recommendations to Freeza, causing the emperor to kill Tagoma by sending him into space, breaking the ship in the process. The broken ship scene was not present in the episode either.
    • The occurrence of events centering around Freeza's four months of training differ greatly in the episode and the movie. In the episode, before Freeza underwent his training:
      1. Gokū and Vegeta have already sparred with Whis and have his symbol on their clothing and are shown sparring with each other.
      2. Beerus wakes up, but a butterfly causes him to sneeze and fire a ki blast from his mouth that destroys a nearby planet, and Whis simply remarks that there was no need to reverse the destruction of the nearby planet.
      3. Beerus asks why Gokū and Vegeta desire to get stronger, and after the Saiyans' responses to the Hakaishin, Whis simply notes the two do not get along well enough.
      4. Subsequently, Beerus asks Whis of the food the Saiyans bribed him with, and Whis remarks that he did not have any food with him, claiming it was dropped along the way to Beerus' planet, earning the Hakaishin's suspicion.
      5. From Whis' words, Beerus is able to deduce that Whis had been repeatedly going to Earth while he was sleeping, to which Whis responds he did so in order to taste foods for the Hakaishin, much to Beerus' disappointment.
    • However, in the movie, these events occurred in a different manner, and happened after Freeza had trained for four months, like so:
      1. Gokū and Vegeta are shown currently sparring with Whis, and Whis eventually signs their clothing with his symbol. The Saiyans are also not shown sparring with each other like they did in Super episode 20.
      2. Beerus wakes up, sneezes on his own while firing a ki blast from his hand that destroys a nearby planet, and attempts to sleep again, and Whis explains to Gokū and Vegeta of his temporal do-over ability that he uses in order to reverse Beerus' actions in case he goes to far, to which the Hakaishin subsequently confronts the Saiyans.
      3. Beerus then asks the Saiyans why they desire to get stronger, and after Whis notes that Gokū and Vegeta hardly get along after they respond to the Hakaishin's question, Whis additionally explains that Gokū and Vegeta would be powerful enough to rival Beerus if they worked together, much to the Hakaishin's annoyance and each of the Saiyans explaining their preference of working individually.
      4. Whis reveals he brought pizza to the Beerus' planet after the Hakaishin asks, and Beerus eagerly intends to try some.
      5. From Whis' earlier remarks, Beerus deduces that Gokū and Vegeta had been constantly training on his planet while he was sleeping, much to his displeasure.
    • Furthermore, in the episode, Jaco appears after four months pass and encounters Trunks and Goten, who did not appear in the movie. As such, Jaco tells the half-Saiyans of his desire to speak to Bulma, and Trunks gets his mother and she explains to the patrolman that Trunks made a mistake with Jaco's name while notifying her the patrolman was here. In the movie, Jaco had expressed his need to converse with Bulma to a receptionist and Doctor Brief, and the doctor is the one that makes the same mistake with Jaco's name. Neither the receptionist nor Brief appear in the episode, and Bulma finds Jaco on her own.
    • While conversing with Bulma for the first time in a while, Jaco learns from Bulma that there are more Saiyans dwelling on Earth and that she is married to one in Vegeta, much to Jaco's exasperation. In the movie, Jaco learned of this information long after that encounter, while Gokū and Freeza were fighting.
    • After Bulma arrives to talk to Jaco, the patrolman warns her of Freeza's revival, and notices goldfish on his own while Bulma tries to contact Whis by getting his attention with a strawberry sundae. In the movie, Jaco had noticed goldfish due to his encounter with Brief, before Bulma came and was warned by the patrolman, and Bulma tries to contact Whis afterwards.
    • After Jaco tells Bulma that Freeza will arrive in an hour, Bulma calls Kuririn while he is at a police stop, off-duty. In the movie, Bulma calls Kuririn while he is on duty, subduing robbers (who were already taken care of before Freeza trained in Super, but after Freeza's training in the movie).
    • Also, in the episode, the members of the Dragon Team that face off against Freeza encounter each other in the air while flying over to the battlefield, and all sense Freeza's ki before the emperor lands on Earth. In the movie, Freeza had already landed on Earth and destroyed a city before the Dragon Team encounter each other on land before facing off against Freeza's Army.
    • Before landing on Earth, Freeza is shown in his hoverpod while on the ship. In the movie, he was not in the hoverpod and was standing in the ship, while discussing a contingency plan with Sorbet in case he failed to get revenge against Gokū. This discussion was not present in the episode.
  • In Super episode 21, Tenshinhan wonders who Bulma's friend Jaco is, and Gohan answers Tenshinhan by revealing he also shares this same thought. In the movie, it was Kuririn who answered to Tenshinhan.
    • In addition, in the episode, Rōshi breaks his staff by slamming it against a soldier in Freeza's Army. In the movie, Rōshi accidentally obliterates his staff with a Kamehameha.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Kuririn and Jaco are both hesitant to fight Freeza's Army. In the movie, no such hesitation was shown, and both proceeded to assault Freeza's men.
    • Moreover, in the episode, Freeza singles out Kuririn with the intention of killing him by sending his men exclusively after him in order to enrage Gokū. In the movie, Freeza had intended to take out the entire Dragon Team in order to do so.
    • Additionally, in this episode, Gokū and Vegeta train by sparring with each other once again, rather than sparring with Whis in the movie. Beerus is also sitting in what appears to be a chair with a drink, rather than eating pizza in the movie on the ground.
    • Also, in the episode, Rōshi charges and fires a Kamehameha at Freeza's men without interruption. In the movie, Rōshi was interrupted before finally firing his attack.
    • Likewise, in this episode, Rōshi powers down during battle against Freeza's men. In the movie, Rōshi didn't power down until Freeza and Gokū clashed.
    • In addition, in the episode, Gohan, in his base state, and Shisami combat each other. In the movie, Piccolo combated Shisami, and Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan before confronting Shisami.
    • Furthermore, in this episode, Tagoma, who was not present during Freeza's raid on Earth in the movie, kills Shisami and knocks out Gohan with a ki blast. In the movie, Gohan, as a Super Saiyan, merely knocks out Shisami, and Freeza knocks out Gohan before later killing Shisami and the rest of his own army (excluding Sorbet).
    • Moreover, in the episode, Ginyū, as a frog, appears in Jaco's ship. He was not present in the movie.
  • In Super episode 22, events such as Gotenks, Tagoma and Ginyū appearing were not present in the movie, as well as Whis, on Beerus' orders, sending Gokū and Vegeta to a room similar to the Room of Spirit and Time filled with godly ki. Jaco was not shown fighting at all like he was in the movie. However, Beerus was shown eating pizza, similar to how he was in the movie. Piccolo dying to protect Gohan was also not present in the movie.
  • In Super episode 23, Gohan's entire scene mourning Piccolo's death, and subsequent transformation, was not included in the movie.
    • In addition, Whis is alerted to Bulma's message from Earth, not because of the Oracle Fish, but because Beerus wants more pizza, and thus he had to bring Gokū and Vegeta back.
    • Beerus chasing Gokū and Vegeta across Planet Beerus for eating his pizza was not shown in the movie.
    • In the movie, Gokū used Instantaneous Movement to get to Earth from Planet Beerus by sensing everyone's ki; in the anime, this was changed to only Gohan's ki.
    • Vegeta did not hold Gokū's hand, instead gripping his shoulder, omitting the scene where Gokū mentioned that Bulma could make Freeza angry.
    • Freeza recognized Instantaneous Movement as a technique from Yardrat; he did not take notice of the technique in the movie.
    • Vegeta killing Ginyū was not included in the movie, as the Ginyū-related material was not in the orginal film.
    • In the anime, it is Freeza's transformation into his true form that kills his entire army, unlike in the movie, where Freeza killed them for failing.
  • In Super episode 24, Freeza made it plain that he planned to destroy both Earth and Namek's Dragon Balls, unlike in the movie, where his plan was simply to destroy Earth and their Dragon Balls in an effort to destroy Hell.
    • In addition to Freeza, other members of the Dragon Team suspected Vegeta might still be loyal to Freeza. This was not present in the film.
    • In addition, Freeza made it plain he intended to kill Vegeta after killing Gokū, believing Vegeta had some continued loyalty to him for a much shorter period of time than the movie.
    • Rather than deflect the ki volley with a volley of his own, as he did in the movies, Vegeta deflected than with his own hands.
    • Gokū's transformation into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is notably prolonged. When transforming, he first gains a standard Super Saiyan aura, before gaining the blue glow and emanating energy as a luminescent blue sphere, before finally transforming. In the movie, the transformation was quick and effortless.
    • Unlike in the movies, Kuririn specifies he can't feel ki from Gokū when the latter transformed into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.
  • In Super episode 25, it featured some rearrangements of dialogue from the movie, but differences include:
    • In the episode, Freeza initially combats a transformed Gokū in order to test out the Saiyan's power. In the movie, Freeza transformed shortly after Gokū did without prior combat.
    • While Gokū's transformation in the previous episode is prolonged from the movie, in this episode, Freeza's transformation is notably shortened.
    • Jaco informs Bulma that he's taking photos of Earth to send to the Galactic Patrol, which would likely lead to the destruction of the Earth due to the planet being an unsafe area by the Galactic Patrol as explained by Jaco, causing Bulma to crush his camera. In response, Jaco uses a second camera to continue, and also intends to use it to capture a picture with Beerus. In the movie, Jaco only used one camera, and only intended to use it to get an image of the Hakaishin.
    • Bulma noticing how her husband isn't fighting alongside Gokū as opposed to Beerus and Whis making note of that fact.
    • Whis contacts Bulma minutes before arriving in the episode. In the movie, Whis and Beerus merely show up without the former informing Bulma.
    • Beerus and Whis make contact with Champa and Vados before arriving. In the movie, this scene was not present.
    • When Beerus and Whis arrive, the former demands for the strawberry sundae from Bulma, to which she immediately gives him. In the movie, Bulma was hesitant to give the sundae after being asked, which led to Beerus comically threatening to destroy the planet, forcing Bulma to give the Hakaishin and his attendant the dessert.
  • In Super episode 26, there where also changes in dialogue from the movie, as well as:
    • Vegeta figuring out that Golden Freeza was inexperienced with his form while Gokū was clueless of the fact until the Saiyan prince had informed him. In the movie, Gokū and Vegeta figured out this weakness for Freeza.
    • In the movie, Gokū endures a blow from Freeza before responding with a new technique, the Super God Shock Flash. This technique was cut from the anime, and Gokū countered with a blow to Freeza's forehead instead.
    • Gokū powers down in his base form before Sorbet shoots his body with a ray gun as part of Freeza's contingency plan. In the movie, Gokū was shot as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and powered down to his base form due to losing power instead.
    • In this episode, Gokū was shot in the back by Sorbet, injuring the Saiyan's right side of his body. In the movie, Gokū was shot in the front on the left side of his body, closer to his heart.
    • In the episode, Vegeta intervenes by preventing Golden Freeza from killing Gokū with a ki blast. In the movie, Golden Freeza arrogantly hesitates to kill Gokū in favor of tempting Vegeta to kill his rival instead, to which the Saiyan prince denies and announces his intentions of defeating Freeza.
  • In Super episode 27, Vegeta simply kicks Gokū to the Dragon Team's location away from the battle with Freeza in order to let Kuririn give Gokū a Senzu. In retaliation, Freeza fires a Death Beam at Gokū, which Vegeta deflects, killing Sorbet as a result. In the movie, Kuririn flies toward Gokū in order to give him a Senzu, and Freeza fires a Tsuibi Kienzan at Kuririn, which Vegeta deflects toward Sorbet, leading to the commander's death.
    • In the episode, when Freeza destroys the Earth, Piccolo also gets caught in the blast due to the tyrant killing the Nameccian in the prior to the battle with Gokū and Vegeta. In the movie, Piccolo was with the Dragon Team and avoided being caught in the explosion due to never being killed by Freeza in the first place.
    • In the episode, at the feast, Gokū asks Vegeta about the possibility of teaming up in order to avoid future threats, to which the Saiyan prince denies, much to Gokū's relief and mutual agreement with Vegeta. In the movie, this conversation took place shortly after Gokū finished off Freeza before the Dragon Team headed off to the feast.
    • In the episode, Freeza's ship was kept intact after the battle with the tyrant, on the ground. In the movie, it fell off the ground and was presumably destroyed by a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gokū when he finished off Freeza with a Kamehameha.


  • Presumably due to Toyotarō already covering a good portion of Freeza's revival through the manga adaption of Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F" long before he wrote the manga adaption for Super, these events were skipped altogether in the Super manga, and it had proceeded with the Hakaishin Champa Arc.


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