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たけび Otakebi
Viz Battle Roar[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter #29
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Sparking!
Type Ability
Class Offensive
Range Long Range
Related technique(s)

Roar is an ability utilized by Rumoosh.


Due to his large lungs, Rumoosh is capable of utilizing a gargantuan roar that paralyzes the motor nerves of anyone who hears it. Fellow Hakaishin are not immune, as it immediately paralyzed and terrified all of the Hakaishin present. For those as weak as the Kaiōshin, it goes as far as to render them unconscious.[1]


  • Exclusive to the video-games; Vegeta's roar as a Great Monkey was referred to as such.
  • In the VIZ localization, it is said that Rumoosh has the largest lungs in all the Universes, and that is what allows for this technique. Given the existence of things such as the Great Monkey Transformation, this is obviously false. The original Japanese also only states that Rumoosh has large lungs.


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