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リリベウ Riribeu
English Localized Name(s) Lilibeu[1]
Personal Data
Universe 10th Universe Symbol 10th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Female Icon Female
Voice Actors
English Krystal LaPorte
Japanese Masumi Asano
Professional Status
Team(s) 10th Universe
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
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Ryllibeu (リリベウ; English TV "Lilibeu") is a warrior from the 10th Universe.


Hours before the Tournament of power Riribeu was scouted out by the Hakaishin, Rumoosh and his guide Kusu, who was selected based on her physique.[2]


Riribeu is shown not to perform well under pressure, forgetting to use her wings to save her from a ring-out.[3]


Lilibeu Render


Riribeu had the appearance of a woman with insectoid accents. She had light purple skin, with innocent green eyes, and large, pointed ears. She had dark blue hair, and antennae connected to her head. From the back of her head, wings that resemble ponytails extend. Her outfit consisted of a green, hoodie-like outfit, over white leggings and high-heeled boots. She wore a belt and two bracelets as accessories. 



Riribeu manipulating her ki.

Riribeu was capable of manipulating her ki, and was considered strong enough to become a member of the 10th Universe Team. Possessing wings, Riribeu is capable of biological flight, nullifying the Tournament of Power's anti-flight restrictions.[3]

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Main article: Universe Survival ArcRyllibeu was selected by Rummshi and Gowasu as a member of Team Universe 10 for the Tournamnet of Power. She fights against Basil and loses after getting hit by his Shining Blaster, becoming the first person to be eliminated. Ryllibeu was then seen cheering on the rest of her teammates, after all members were eliminated, she, her team, and superiors closed their eyes and accepted their fates.

After the Tournament of Power, Ryllibeu and Universe 10, among the other universes were restored by Lapis' wish on the Super Dragon Balls.

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