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Planet Sadal
Kanji 惑星わくせい サダラ
Rōmaji Wakusei Sadara
Astrographical Information
Universe 6th Universe Symbol 6th Universe
Counterpart(s) Sadal (7th Universe)
Physical Information
Status Active
Class Terrestrial
Societal information
Native Species Saiyans

Planet Sadal (わくせいサダラ, Wakusei Sadara; Viz "Planet Sadla")[1] is the homeworld of the Saiyan species.


According to Cabba, the planet still exists in the 6th Universe, unlike its counterpart in the 7th Universe.[2] It is ruled by King Sadal.[3] It was later erased, along with the 6th Universe, in the Tournament of Power. However, due to Lapis' wish through the Super Dragon Balls, it was restored along with its entire universe.


  • In the manga, it was named planet Salad (わくせいサラダ, Wakusei Sarada),[2] which was written directly from the English word "salad" (サラダ, sarada),[2] while in the anime, the name "Sadal" is a rearrangement of the same word with the last two syllables swapped.[1]
    • In the Dragon Ball Super first tankōbon volume, the manga has followed suit of the anime and likewise changes the name to "Sadal," thus making the latter official name.[4]
  • Like its successor, the planet name fits the fact that the Saiyan race all taking their names from vegetables.
  • In the databook, the original homeplanet of the Seventh Universe's Saiyans is presumed to be called "Planet Saiya" (サイヤ星, Saiya-sei)," but no its background expanded and fate left vagued.[5] It's unknown if the two planets are the same one or not.


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