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Shut up, Trunks!! I guess you don't have a Saiyan's pride! I'm sure he'd rather choose death than win that way! He's no longer fighting just to save the Earth. Remember that.

—Vegeta to Trunks in "Son Gokū's Mysterious Behavior"

The Saiyan's Pride (サイヤ人の誇り, Saiya-jin no Hokori), is an ideology of the Saiyans common to the 7th Universe, as well as part of their mentality from birth. The pride of the Saiyan race is what pushes the individual to revel in a battle and enjoy the fight; even Saiyans such as Son Gokū, who weren't raised by the Saiyans during their formative years, show this tendency, proving it is a biological characteristic and not a learned one.[1] One of the earliest examples of Saiyan pride in the series is Gokū's match with Piccolo Junior, in which the young Saiyan gambled the entire free world on beating Piccolo without outside interference.[2]

Gokū Black, despite originating as a Shinling, became influenced by the pride of Gokū's Saiyan body when he stole it, refusing immortality for the sake of perfecting his combat strength and enjoying battle as much as possible.[3] As much as a Saiyan's pride can be their strength, it can also be their downfall, and can cause Saiyans to make questionable choices for the sake of a good battle — Vegeta and Gokū being examples on differing occasions. Beerus himself notes that the pride of a Saiyan could be their death.[4]

The Saiyans of the Sixth Universe do not appear to value their pride to the degree of their 7th Universe counterparts, as Cabba was unfamiliar with the concept until Vegeta explained it to him through their battle.[5]


  • In some video games, Saiyan Pride is referred to as the Saiyan Soul (サイヤ人魂, Saiya-jin Tamashī)[6], and is a usable buff move.


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