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Saiyan Royal Family Symbol
Saiyan Royal Family[1]
Team Info
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Status Active
Leader(s) Vegeta (Patriarch)
Cooperation Techniques
Team Equipment

The Saiyan Royal Family[2] was the ruling body of the Saiyan species in the 7th Universe. It consisted of the members of the "Vegeta" bloodline; i.e. the King Vegeta, his unnamed mate, Prince Vegeta and Prince Tarble. They were notably one of the few Saiyan examples of a family unit.[2]


The remnants of the Saiyan Royal Family on Earth.

While officially no longer a recognized group, the bloodline is continued in Vegeta's descendants — his son Trunks and his daughter, Bra. In the anime-only Dragon Ball GT, the bloodline continued still further into the future, with Vegeta Junior. On Earth, the Saiyan Royal Family has bred into Bulma's family, and is now synonymous with the heir to Capsule Corporation, obtaining power and prestige once again.

In the 6th Universe, a Saiyan Royal Family exists as well, offhandedly mentioned by Cabba.


  • "Vegeta" is a common name within this family, as the former king and current prince bear the name, and, in the anime-only Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta Junior would come to bear this ancestral name as well.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Burn Up!! A Red-Hot, Raging, Super-Fierce Fight, Trunks is referred to as "Prince Trunks" — this marks the only time in any media that Trunks has been referred to by a royal title. Within this film, Vegeta is also called "King Vegeta" at several points, marking a similar situation to Trunks.
  • FUNimation has referred to the Saiyan Royal Family as the "Saiyan Army". This however is misinformation as this contradicts the Saiyan sociology.
  • This family is often referred to as the "Briefs" or "Brief" family by the English speaking fanbase; this is due to misinformation involving Bulma's name, as she lacks a proper surname in the Japanese fanbase, something notably common on Earth.


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