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The howl of savagery! The roar of love: Kakunsa!

—Sanka Ku in "A Huge Explosion of Love Power?! The 2nd Universe’s Magical Girl Warrior!!"

Sanka Kū
Sanka Kū
Alias Kakunsa (カクンサ)
Personal Data
Universe 2nd Universe Symbol 2nd Universe
Race Alien
Gender Female Icon Female
Voice Actors
English Morgan Berry
Japanese Ryoko Shiraishi
Professional Status
Team(s) 2nd Universe
Maiden Squadron
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS096
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Sanka Kū (サンカ=クー) also referred under her alias Kakunsa (カクンサ) is a warrior from the 2nd Universe, and a member of the Fire Balls. She was also a competitor in the Tournament of Power.


Kakunsa Render

Sanka Ku.

Sanka bears the appearance of a young woman with brown hair and matching eyes. She wears a frilly blue dress, with white lace, long dark blue gloves and socks of the same shade, with blue heels. She ties the dress with a black belt, and wears bright earrings.




Sanka Transformed

Sanka transformed into Kakunsa.

Like other members of her team, she can utilize the Formation transformation, to increase her fighting capabilities. The Formation technique is a transformation which requires an immense start-up time, and thus, leaves her vulnerable to all forms of attack during this time. However, when successful, the end result is a unique and powerful transformation.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Sanka Ku and the other Fire Balls are part of the 2nd Universe (team) fighting in the Tournament of Power. She and the other Kamikaze Fireballs transform to take part in the fighting, though they are briefly interrupted by Lapis. After transforming, Sanka, as Kakunsa, attacks Lapis out of revenge for interrupting their transformations. Lapis knocks Kakunsa off the stage, but Bikaru manages to use her Flight to catch Kakunsa and save her from elimination. After the two women (revealed to be in a relationship) express their love for each other, Lapis eliminates Bikaru. Kakunsa continues her fight with Lapis, now motivated not only by a desire to get back at him for interrupting the Kamikaze Fireballs transformations, but also a desire to avenge Bikaru's elimination. Lapis however eliminates her as well.

Sanka also assisted Ribriand to transform into a giant form of herself, by waving special, toy-like, sticks.


  • Sanka Ku's name potentially derives from a japanese name of chuck rib, Sankaku Bara, which like all warriors from the 2nd Universe are named after a pun on meat.
  • "Kakunsa" is not seen in the manga. She, like Ribriand and Rozie, lack their magical girl theme. Her abilities seem to be limited to stretching her arms.


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