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Poisoned Chocolates
Satan's Poisoned Chocolate[1][2]
Kanji サタンの毒入りチョコレート
Rōmaji Satan no Doku-Iri Chokorēto
Manga Debut Chapter 481
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Earth
Classification Battle Item
Inventor/Creator Mark

The Satan's Poisoned Chocolates are poisoned chocolates made by Mister Satan.


The box is filled with 25 'chocolates.' Though their appearance and smell are indistinguishable from regular chocolates, they are packed with poison which Mister Satan prepared to assassinate Majin Boo with. Satan lied that these boxed chocolates were a fabulous present and had Majin Boo eat them. In order to lower Boo's suspicions, it's fixed up to give off a high-class feel, with a ribbon and everything. Boo had an immunity against poison though, so for him these were nothing more than delicious chocolates. He was delighted that they tasted even better than the chocolates he made from humans.[1][2]


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