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So this is the fabled 'Senzu' that restores one's physical strength, and heals even the most serious of injuries. ...Seeing as how this one is still alive after verging on death, it appears they are indeed genuine...

—Gero in "Gokū, Defeated!"

Kanji 仙豆
Literal English Sage Bean
Other Wonder Drug[4]
Manga Debut Chapter 88
Anime Debut DB061

The Senzu are mystical beans cultivated by Karin, that possess immense healing properties.



Son Gokū heals from his wounds with a Senzu.

The Senzu are a type of bean grown by Karin, that possess the ability to instantly and completely heal a person who has sustained deadly injuries. In addition, they will restore stamina and ki power lost in a battle, essentially replenishing a person to full strength. Due to these immense medical capabilities, even Freeza referred to the Senzu as a "wonder drug".[4] In addition to their healing properties, one Senzu, despite their small size, are enough to feed a person for ten days; eating too many, as Yajirobe once did, can cause stomach pain.[5] Despite being an all purpose medical item, the beans are ineffective against diseases, and did nothing to stay the heart disease that Son Gokū suffered from during the attack of the Androids; in fact, it seemed to make the pain worse.[6] Furthermore, a Senzu appears to be unable to restore a severed limb, as neither Gokū, Gohan, nor Vegeta have regenerated their tails through any usage of a Senzu after consumption. Additionally, scars do not fade with use of a Senzu — an adult Gokū noted that he still had a scar from his fall as a child, and he had already consumed a Senzu before this point.

Karin has notably had trouble keeping up supply to the demand of the Senzu. As they grow relatively slowly, the Dragon Team's continue usage of the beans has dwindled his supply.[7]


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