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Shenron's Model[1][2]
Kanji 神龍シェンロンけい
Rōmaji Shenron no Mokei
Manga Debut Chapter 165

Shenron's Model is the model of the Shenron of Earth.


This model is an exact replica of Shenron, Earth's Dragon. It was created by Mr. Popo, and appears to be made of stone. This replica mirrors Shenron in appearance, as well as state of being; if Shenron has been killed, the model will be destroyed, and when Shenron is whole, it too is whole.[3] God himself breathed life into the statue, giving birth to the Dragon Balls.[4] While the Dragon Balls remain active, the stone statue is Shenron, and becomes a light that resides in the Dragon Balls themselves.[5]


  • Shenron's Model is not unique to the Shenron of Earth; Polunga, the Shenron of Namek, also has a model. This was shown when Dende requested Shenron's Model when he became the new God of Earth, showing he was familiar with the concept.


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