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Kanji 芯人
Rōmaji Shin-jin
Literal English Core People
English Localized Name(s) VIZ God
Additional Information
Universe Twelve Universes
Status Extant
Planet of Origin Kaishin
Unique Traits Long lifespans
Notable Members

The Shinlings are a race of divine beings hailing from the planet Kaishin. They are among the "People of the Cosmos".[1]


The Shinlings are a sparse race. At anytime, not counting the Shinling acting as Kaiō or Kaiōshin, there are approximately eighty Shinlings living on their homeworld.[2]

Shinlings are born from special fruit that grow on the World Tree on their homeworld. The tree produces two types of fruits: an "ordinary fruit" (ふっぅの果, futsū no ka), which brings forth Shinling who have the potential to become Kaiō, and a rare "golden fruit" (金色の果, kiniro no ka), which produce Shinling capable of becoming Kaiōshin. Occasionally, there are delinquent Shinling born with evil hearts, and they would become the Makaiō (or Makaiōshin).[2]

Shinlings are genderless and have extraordinarily long lifespans. Those born of an ordinary fruit can live upwards of 75,000 years.[2] Those born of a golden fruit can live much longer, as the Elder Kaiōshin was several million years old.

In their homeworld, they live leisurely lifes, studying various things at a school-like castle. When a Kaiō passes away, they choose among them by lottery who will take over that Kaiō's place and become the new Kaiō.[2]


Shinling are mostly short humanoids (with the exception of Kibito and Kaiō of the South), each with a differing skin coloration, and long, pointed ears. From there, depending on which fruit the individual is born from, their appearances can differ. Shinling born from the ordinary fruit of the World Tree wear black hats with antennas coming out of them, and seem to have no hair on their heads and lack noses. However, in the anime, Kaiō of the East has a full head of hair and Kaiō of the West has two slits for a nose. Shinling born from the rare golden fruits all have light-colored hair and have noses.


Like many other races in the universe, the Shinlings are capable of controlling and manipulating their ki for a variety of purposes. All Shinlings are capable of flight. Both Kaiō and Kaiōshin have demonstrated a form of omniscience — the ability to see what is happening at any location in the universe. They have also demonstrated the capability to preform telepathy and mentally converse with whomever they wish.


  • When written as "shinjin" (信心), the term refers a state of mind in Buddhism—a state of wisdom and compassion.
  • The shin (芯) in their name means "core" in the sense of an apple core, which is somewhat reminiscent of Momotarō, where the main character is born from a giant peach.


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