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Fruit Tree of Might
Shinseijū Fruit
Kanji 神精樹の実
Rōmaji Shinseijū no Mi
Literal English Fruit of the Tree of Godly Might
Movie Debut Movie 6
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Sparking!
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The Shinseijū Fruit (神精樹の実, Shinseijū no Mi; FUNimation "Fruit of the Tree of Might") are a type of bright colored fruit exclusively cultivated by the Shinseijū's branches after the tree has sufficiently photosynthesizes enough nutrients from the planet's soil, possessing properties that immediately increase one's power dramatically.


While rather little is known about the history of the Shinseijū Fruit across the known Universe, North Kaiō claimed that the fruit is meant to be for gods.[1]


The Shinseijū Fruit is a light orange fruit, similar in appearance to a durian. They grow from the tree in which they are named, the Shinseijū. According to the North Kaiō, the Shinseijū Fruit is a holy fruit that only Gods are meant to consume.


The Shinseijū Fruit is a holy fruit grown from the Shinsejū. When consumed by an individual, it grants them immense power, and was enough for Tullece to easily overwhelm Son Gokū, even when the latter was using Kaiōken. When a user consumes the fruit, their muscles bulk up before reverting back to their original size.

In Other Media

Video Games

The Shinseijū Fruit appears commonly in other video games, where it is usually a skill used by Tullece. However, a specific variation of the Shinseijū Fruit appears in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2; grown in the Demon Realm, it is capable of amplifying the effects granted by the Shinseijū Fruit. When consumed in this manner, it imparts the Villainous Mode onto those who have consumed it, granting them a far greater boost in strength than the Shinseijū alone.


  • Only in the FUNimation dub of the movie, North Kaiō states the fruit was originally used to feed Shenrons. This claim contradicts the original Japanese, where the fruit is claimed to be for gods.
  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, Tullece states that if one eats enough of the Shinseijū Fruit, they will eventually gain the power of the Gods. Whether this refers to godly ki or otherwise wasn't clarified.


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